akhildhanuka: Cerauno Technologies announces the release of DocGuru Professional 1.0

Cerauno Technologies proudly announces the release of DocGuru Professional 1.0.

DocGuru is our brand new source code documentation system. It helps

you to generate documentation right from your source code,

understanding naturally formed in-source comments, thereby making the

entire documentation process a lot simpler for you. DocGuru currently

works with PHP scripts.

DocGuru comes with an easy-to-use GUI for authoring and managing your

documentation projects.




1. Requires very little overhead from the author of the documentation.

Plain text will do, but creates more fancy or structured output using

HTML tags .

2. Supports documentation of files, classes, variables, functions,

typedefs and defines.

3. Automatically generates class hierarchy in HTML (as clickable link maps).

4. Can generate a list of all members of a class (including any

inherited members).

5. Automatically generates references to documented classes, files,

namespaces and members.

6. Documentation of global functions, globals variables, typedefs and

defines is also supported.

7. References to base/super classes and inherited members are

generated automatically.

8. Can cope with large projects easily.

For more information and to download DocGuru Professional 1.0 please

visit the DocGuru home page at http://www.cerauno.com.

If you have any questions about DocGuru please send mail to support@cerauno.com.

Best Regards

Akhil Dhanuka

Cerauno Technologies