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Sci-fi groups and hobbies

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For members of the science fiction club that meets in the AccessibleWorld book nook

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Hope SpecFic

List for the Hope Mennonite Speculative fiction book club, for discussing the current book and other general member conversation.

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Heavy Gear APAworks PBEM

Private mailing list for members of the Heavy Gear APAworks PBEM.

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a curry class starship set in the world of star trek

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SFHQ Club Operations

This mailing list consists of all the members of the SFHQ Operations Team for AJJE Games.

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Klingons on unicorns

Open forum on the creation of story lines for sci fi and fantasy writers using existing characters and plots.

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Swarm Authors

Free place for Swarm authors potential Swarm authors and avid Swarm fans to interact.

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LCARS-Studio Newsletter

LCARS Studio is specialized in the reproduction large size of screen computer from the Star Trek universe. Visit

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Ramil, El legado de Bert

The purpose of this list is to discuss and arrange the schedule for a LAN party, it will be used to discus not only this but also PC specs or infrastructure requirements, Moreover we will share video games & PC configuration information, I believe important to notice that the mails in this list will be written in Spanish.

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Quorum of the 12

Colonial Alliance Governing Body

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Babblings UK 20th Anniversary Point

This list is for invitees, contacts, announcements, and general discussions about the Babblings UK 20th Anniversay Point meeting

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I.S.S. Preditor

Mailling list for a klingon simulation. Roleplaying game.

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The Game

We are discussing a posibilaty to build a pan and paper roleplaying game as a PHP based Website. and play it with saveral people over a mysql db.

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Babblings UK 20th Anniversary Point Organisers

This list is for organisers and general discussions about the Babblings UK 20th Anniversay Point meeting

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U.S.S. Razerwolf

A advanced Star Trek Role play. This is the Primary emial for the group.

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