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Oregon Birders Online

OBOL is a listserv dedicated to birding in Oregon, including, but not limited to, rare bird alerts, unusual bird behavior, inquiries for species locations, and upcoming birding events in Oregon.

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Spokane Astronomical Society BOD

Board of Directors for the Spokane Astronomical Society

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A discussion area for the officers, board members, and committee chairs of EVAC

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A method for the Manager of GRCO and the operations staff to communicate regarding schedules and activity at GRCO

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TCC Rocket Chat

Chat group for Tripoli Central California Rocket Club.

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Leiden Exoten

EN: This mailinglist is to be used for news and remarks on non-native species research done by universities, institutes and companies that are situated in or close-by Leiden, The Netherlands. NL: Deze mailinglist is bedoeld als laagdrempelig voor nieuws en aankondigingen (van bijv. presentaties binnen bedrijven of instituten) over exoten in de breedste zin van het woord, die van belang kunnen zijn voor mensen binnen of nabij de regio Leiden.

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TN-bird is a birding communications network covering the entire state of Tennessee where you can: * report and receive rare bird sighting information * share timely information about bird outings and chapter field trips * interact with members of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, and other bird-related organizations.

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BIRDKY is a birding communications network covering the entire state of Kentucky where you can: * report and receive rare bird sighting information * share timely information about bird outings and chapter field trips * interact with members of the Kentucky Ornithological Society, and other bird-related organizations.

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Wisconsin Birding Network

WISBIRDN is an open discussion list principally focused on Wisconsin birds and birding. Topics may include the timely reporting of rare bird sightings, trip reports, RFI’s, activities of the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology, and other birding-related organizations and research. In order to participate you must be subscribed.

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Phoenix Astronomy Society Members list

A discussion list for members of the Phoenix Astronomy Society. Non-members may subscribe to the phoenixastro general list.

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TEXBIRDS is the Texas e-mail list for posting ornithological observations in Texas. Amateur Ornithologists (birders and birdwatchers) and professional ornithologists alike are welcome.

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LEAS natural history forum

A list service to provide a forum for reporting and discussing natural history observations in the region served by the Llano Estacado Audubon Society.

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Heart of Virginia Birding

A listserv devoted to birding in Prince Edward County and all adjacent counties. Similar to other regional birding lists, we are mainly interested in timely reports of wild birds, the rarer the better. No discussions of pet or domestic birds except as they impact birding in the area.

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Oregon eBird

Oregon eBird editors and reviewers

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NH Prescribed Fire Council

Prescribed fire is used in New Hampshire to meet a range of management objectives relating to public safety, forest-based recreation, wildlife management, silviculture, agriculture, invasives species management, and sustaining natural communities. In order to more safely, efficiently, and effectively use this management tool, several New Hampshire organizations and agencies formed the NH Prescribed Fire Council to more effectively address shared needs and goals. The listserve will be used to more effectively notify members of training opportunities, meeting announcements, crew needs for specific prescribed fires, and to share other information of interest.

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Pattison Lake Residents

The 200 property owners around Pattison Lake in Thurston County, Washington, need a way to communicate and inform one another about the health of the lake, and to discuss what part each can play in monitoring for toxic algae, milfoil, zebra mussel, etc. in the face of a changing climate and environment. Such factors as leaking septic tanks, fertilizers containing phosphorous or nitrogen, and pesticides can be washed into the lake and cause these serious issues. If we can get a majority of the lakefront property owners to join an email listserv and discuss these causative factors, we could make some progress in keeping our lake healthy.

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Società italiana di Scienze Bibliografiche e Biblioteconomiche (SISBB). The purpose of SISBB (Italian Society of Bibliography and Library Science) is to foster and promote debate and circulation of ideas and information concerning the studies of literature, library science, information science, history of books and libraries in their various aspects, and also to enrich the potential of these disciplines in the world of scientific research.

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Telescoperos Ricardo González

Este grupo esta dedicado a la construcción de Telescopios, espejos y dispositivos necesarios al uso de un telescopio. Está tambien dedicada a la difusión de la Astronomía a todo público, muy especialmente a los niños, a través de las observaciones astronómicas y de exposiciones científicas. Está interesada además en la astrotografía realizada en todo el ancho de banda electromagnético y al estudio de las ciencias relacionadas. This group is dedicated to the construction of telescopes, mirrors and gadgets necessary to the use of a Telescope. It is also dedicated to the difusion of astronomy to all public, most specially to children, through astronomical observations and science exhibits. Interested also in astrophotography in all the electromagnetic bandwidth and to the study of related sciences.

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Feminist Encounters Journal Editorial Board

This is an e-mail list for the "Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics" which is published in

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G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Blog

This is an email version of the G7IZU RRD Blog ( It contains information related to the G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection page ( The detection of meteors, aurora and other phenomena through the use of signals reflected from ionization in the upper atmosphere. This list relays blog items almost as soon as they appear on the blog.

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Flow Cytometry at theCRI

Discussion about the flow cytometry technology facility at the CRI

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This moderated mailing list is used to distribute news on features and improvements of the TGSS ADR radio sky survey at 150 MHz. This is in addition to the TGSSADR facebook page and the project webpage at

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Shrew Biology Research

This list should bring together shrew researchers from around the world. We agreed on creating such a list at the IV th International Colloquium of the Biology of Soricidae in Poznan/Poland, 09/2016. Soricidae are the topic, but we welcome also researchers from related fields. This list should foster scientific exchange about shrew-research topics. It should be a marketplace for contacts, research material, collaboration requests etc, but it should not be used for personal exchange and endless discussions, which are only of interest for a minority of the subscribers.

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CSE B-Section

Welcome to CSE B Mailing List

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NUIG bioinformatics seminars

List for bioinformatics seminars at NUI Galway

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MathGL mailing list

Help, hints and questions about MathGL

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Prophet Discussion Group

This mailing list is designed for users of Prophet who wish to share news or views and to ask the group for help or support. Please do not post sensitive, confidential or company specific information on this list.

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Sufragio Migrante

[English] Mailing list about migrant suffrage. It is open to individuals and organizations interested in the political rights of migrants: access to active and passive suffrage, association, demonstration, unionization and other types of political participation. [Spanish] Lista de correo sobre Sufragio Migrante. Esta abierta a personas y organizaciones interesados en los derechos politicos de los migrantes: el acceso al sufragio activo y pasivo, a la asociación, manifestacion, sindicalizacion y cualquier otro tipo de participacion politica.

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HAL Officers E-Mail List

HAL Officers Discussion Group

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Co-design with kids

This list is meant for partners in a research project about how to teach 21st century skills to primary school children. Together we are going to develop a toolbox for primary school teachers to do design projects in their classes.

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Oeko Liste

Topics concerning renewable energies and there technologies, Announcements for events in Dresden Area.

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Notron is a "large" computer, shared among a few researchers in a computational biology/integrative genomics lab, in Mexico City. We discuss the administration of our shared infrastructure openly. If you have an account in Notron, you should join this list at least for system announcements. However, discussion on the science and software development going on in our lab is also welcome. Do you run interesting pipelines in Notron? Can we mix and match data and software?

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The list is meant to facilitate communication among COAL (Climate & Ocean Analysis Laboratory) members in National University of Malaysia. Discussion topics include various atmospheric and oceanic processes, using the computer facilities in COAL as well as discussion about student's thesis.

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Focused Ultrasound Foundation - Neuromodulation

Neuromodulation discussion list for Focused Ultrasound Researchers

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This is a list to contribute stuff fast an easy to all students studying computer engineering at the University of Applied Sience Dortmund (Germany), which started in autumn 2004.

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Tsai Lab Mailing List

A Mailing list for Tsai's Epigenetic Neurobiology Lab at CSULB

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Laboratório de Proteômica e Engenharia de Proteínas

E-.ail group list for the Laboratory for Proteomics and Protein Engeneering. The mailing list will be used to communicate with students ans researcbers about news and meetings appointments

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Hellenic Bioinformatics-Hbio

Hellenic Bioinformatics

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NES communication

Communication and Exchange between Master and PhD Students

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Peace from Harmony (Global Harmony Association)

Research of peace from harmony as a purpose of Global Harmony Association (GHA). Communication with organizations of international peace initiative with the objective of educating everyone in scientific principles of harmonious education.

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IFC List Serv

The Instream Flow Council (IFC) is a non €profit organization made up of state, provincial, and territorial fish and wildlife agencies working to improve the effectiveness of instream flow programs and activities for conserving fish and wildlife and related aquatic resources.

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FSR Geography University of Hamburg

List for the FSR Geography Discussions at the University of Hamburg

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Spike Sorting

Discussion of all things related to extracellular neuronal spike sorting, especially for data collected with high density electrode arrays. Topics include methods, software, and test data.

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As part of promoting radio and technical activities and learning, the West Kent Amateur Radio Society organises an open annual radio and electronics fair in Tunbridge Wells. This list is for the volunteer organising team's planning activities.

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tnou: Tamilnadu Ornithology Union

TNOU is a listserv dedicated to birding in Tamilnadu including, but not limited to, rare bird alerts, unusual bird behavior, inquiries for species locations, and upcoming birding events in Tamilnadu

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Brain2018@Simons - Oscillations group

This is the mailing list for participants of the Simons Institute 2018 "Brain and Computation" program with an interest in "Computing with Oscillations"

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GT Genero & Sexualidades (SOPCOM)

Mailing list do grupo de trabalho "Genero e Sexualidades" da SOPCOM. This is a scientific association that subdivides into workgroups (GTs), and this one deals with media representations of gender and sexualities.

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Grassroots Science group to discuss air, water, and soil testing to measure aluminum, barium, and other contaminants and rouse Butte County residents to find out why our surface water exceeds the Cal EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 1000 ppb, and demand hearings and action from the agencies responsible for clean air, and water.

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Theoretical Physics

UTSA - Theoretical Physics

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