Support, development, tips, general discussion

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Mac With Voiceover Screenreader

This list is for those who wish to learn to use the Voiceover Screenreader with the Mac platform 10.4 and later.

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Washington Area Mac Admin Co-op

Washington Area Mac Admin Co-op

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A list to announce events happening over at

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This list is owned and maintained for people who are totally blind or, who have low vision problems. We are all here to learn and discuss the MAC and how best it could be used by us. All are welcome.

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Mac User Group Old South

List for Mac Users in the Old South

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Babya System

A place for Babya Users who want to know about upcoming features for future versions, development ideas,news and product release announcements.

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Development of font rendering and other technologies on minor PPC operating systems.

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Creative Pro's MUG Mailing List

Discussion list for the members of the Creative Professionals Mac User Group

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Mac Armor Club - Liste de discussion

Liste de distribution ouverte aux membres de Mac Armor Club, une association loi 1901, de Plaine Haute, Bretagne, France. Cette liste a pour objet les discussions libres.

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MetU Users

Info Channel for Updates of MetU Development on iPhone

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a list dedicated to the ups and downs of apple technicians

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Cocoaheads Organizers

This is a mailing list that chapter organizers for Cocoaheads ( can use for an exchange of ideas. Cocoaheads is a Macintosh Programmer's user's group, with 11 chapters across the country in 8 states. We're a not-for-profit (but not a 501(c)(3)), don't ask for dues - just an organization so that geeks can get together.

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all about games, apps and crystal cover for MacBook & iPhone

This list is for the discussion of all kind of games, applications and crystal cover/case for Mac and iPhone.

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Mac With VoiceOver

users of Mac OS X with VoiceOver

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MacBook Pro Update News

Rumor has it that the MacBook Pro will be updated within the next few weeks. Not everybody though has the time to refresh the apple website all day. That's why I started this mailing list, so people who want to order as soon as the MBP is updated, will receive an e-mail with a link to the order page. It will probably be used for every MacBook update to come.

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CocoaHeads Cleveland Chapter

This list was for announcements and discussion for the Cleveland chapter of CocoaHeads, but the group is currently not active and does not meet regularly. The moderator is now living in California and no longer organizes the group. If you are interested in taking it over, please contact the list owner.

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Niagara University Mac Users

A group for Mac users at Niagara University.

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Mac Video Experts Group 9

Digital Video in the Mac world, with a small emphasis on compression and re-compression.

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To discuss all things Apple, with emphasis on using Voiceover with IOS devices or Mac computers.

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Mac Armor Club - Liste des Annonces

Liste de distribution pour diffuser les annonces aux membres de Mac Armor Club, une association loi 1901, de Plaine Haute, Bretagne, France. Cette liste a pour objet la diffusion d'informations en provenance des animateurs du club uniquement. Les discussions devrait avoir lieu sur la liste de discussion du Club, "macarmor" :

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Discussion and support group for Macintosh/Apple device and computer users in the London Ontario Canada area.

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apple tech

A list devoted to apple products.

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CocoaHeads Heidelberg

This is the mailinglist of the local CocoaHeads Chapter in Heidelberg, Germany.

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Machouse News, Updates, Campaigns, Discounts, Announcements, All about Apple computers and Mac OSX software, Adobe software, and others. We are located in Palestine/westBank/Ramallah.

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iHouse, all about Apple computers

iHouse list is to announce all Apple hardware and software news to subscribers. iHouse is an Apple Authorized Reseller in the Palestinian areas.

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iPhone Discussions

This list stems from the iPhone Discussions conference call. Any other questions or comments you may have regarding an I device, e.g. iPhone, iPad, or iPod, are welcome.

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DeVry Macintosh User Group is the first Macintosh club at DeVry's Phoenix Campus in Arizona. We hope to include all aspects of technology into our club, and so DMUG is not limited just the Macintosh computers, but also PC computers running either Windows or Linux. We also help to show people how to get the most our of their investment in a computer, buy using it in other parts of their lives as well.

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Iphone Accessibility

A place to discuss IPhone Accessibility for the blind, particularly the Google Code Slimvoice project

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KisMAC developer and tester list.

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Mac OS X Themes

Mac OS X Themes is here to provide guidance help and updates regarding OS X themes. If you are interested in themes for OS X or are a theme developer yourself, then this is the place for you.

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Circle The Wagons

Discussion about Circle The Wagons - a perimeter line of defense using tailored open source such as ASSP, ClamAV, Stunnel, and others to protect Mac OSX systems. Includes specialized support for Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)

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Il Mac per i non vedenti

In questa mailing list si parla dell'accessibilità del Mac da parte delle persone non vedenti. I disabili visivi possono utilizzare questo computer grazie a VoiceOver, lo screen reader integrato nel sistema operativo.

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SmartDay Beta

For discussion about SmartDay for Mac - beta. Learn more about SmartDay here: Sign up for the Beta here:

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Mac Swap UK

A place to swap, trade, sell, Apple Mac computers or parts, Mac compatible peripherals, Legal Mac software and Mac related services. Also posters can ask for Apple Mac equipment that they want to buy, trade or swap or Mac related services that they require

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PowerMac 6100 Mailing List

General discussions about using, upgrading, troubleshooting, and preserving the PowerMac 6100 line of computers from Apple. The list admin also maintains this website: which is where you should look for answers before you post questions to this list.

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FaxCenter Discussion List

This list is for the discussion of FaxCenter. FaxCenter is a program I wrote for MacOS X. The list is used not only for discussion of the beta releases (bug hunting, feature suggestions, etc), but also used as a general purpose list for asking and receiving help related to FaxCenter operations. FaxCenter can be found at

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The Macbook List

An Apple portable computing group for your iLife and your professional work. Discuss Thunderbolt, USB, DP, and Bluetooth devices, software from iMovie to Final Cut Pro, iPhoto to Photoshop, GarageBand to Logic Pro, anything as long as it's on a MacBook or MacBook Pro!

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Mactreff im Raum GT und BI

Mailingliste mit Diskussionen �ber zur�ck liegende und vor uns liegende Usertreffen. Es werden allerdings auch andere Themen rund um den Mac behandelt.

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Platypus Development

A list for discussing questions and problems pertaining to development using the open-source Platypus script development tool.

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Blugs List

Discussion list for the Blugs List Management Engine for Mac OS.

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XCodeItalia developer Team: mac osx developing users

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All issues relating to Apple Macintosh computer, with main focus on Mac OS X and internet. If any member needs help with his computer, all the other members will try to give advices.

ListRank: 0ListRank: 0 MacWorld Boston SMS coverage

This list is for users who would like SMS updates of events going on at MacWorld Boston 2005. It will link thousands of users with data that on floor staff members will provide.

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Brunswick Plantation Macintosh Users Group

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Lista macday

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Private discussion about human interface building under MacOS X. Austrian.

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