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This list is owned and maintained for people who are totally blind or, who have low vision problems. We are all here to learn and discuss the MAC and how best it could be used by us. All are welcome.

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Mac With Voiceover Screenreader

This list is for those who wish to learn to use the Voiceover Screenreader with the Mac platform 10.4 and later.

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Mac User Group Old South

List for Mac Users in the Old South

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Babya System

A place for Babya Users who want to know about upcoming features for future versions, development ideas,news and product release announcements.

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Development of font rendering and other technologies on minor PPC operating systems.

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Creative Pro's MUG Mailing List

Discussion list for the members of the Creative Professionals Mac User Group

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Washington Area Mac Admin Co-op

Washington Area Mac Admin Co-op

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A list to announce events happening over at

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MetU Users

Info Channel for Updates of MetU Development on iPhone

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all about games, apps and crystal cover for MacBook & iPhone

This list is for the discussion of all kind of games, applications and crystal cover/case for Mac and iPhone.

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a list dedicated to the ups and downs of apple technicians

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Cocoaheads Organizers

This is a mailing list that chapter organizers for Cocoaheads ( can use for an exchange of ideas. Cocoaheads is a Macintosh Programmer's user's group, with 11 chapters across the country in 8 states. We're a not-for-profit (but not a 501(c)(3)), don't ask for dues - just an organization so that geeks can get together.

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Mac Armor Club - Liste de discussion

Liste de distribution ouverte aux membres de Mac Armor Club, une association loi 1901, de Plaine Haute, Bretagne, France. Cette liste a pour objet les discussions libres.

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Mac With VoiceOver

users of Mac OS X with VoiceOver

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MacBook Pro Update News

Rumor has it that the MacBook Pro will be updated within the next few weeks. Not everybody though has the time to refresh the apple website all day. That's why I started this mailing list, so people who want to order as soon as the MBP is updated, will receive an e-mail with a link to the order page. It will probably be used for every MacBook update to come.

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