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Haiku System Administration

Everything relating to the administration of systems run by Haiku, Inc. can be discussed here.

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Dan Overmeyer

Daily update message for our website followers. Our website,, displays vacancies for a number of cities around the world.

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glFusion CMS Code Commit Announcements

Track the glFusion code updates as they happen. Each update to the glFusion Github respository will be posted to this list.

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Gruppo Webmaster AITI

Gruppo Webmaster AITI

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Distribution list for members of the original GNN betatesters group

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News regarding the ZNC bouncer at, including but not limited to Scheduled Maintenances from the provider and updates.

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Vertaformcity Internet Services

We wish to discuss the usage of computers and the Internet, from the ordinary or obvious, to the most complicated issues.

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pianotheoryman e-mail list

Updates to will be available through this list.

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Neves-Paula technology news

list to share information about tech development Neves-Paula

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SoftSpire EML to PST Converter Tool

The SoftSpire EML to PST Converter to Convert EML files from Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc to MS Outlook PST format.

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Ouain Operations

Communication between Ouain hosting services operators

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Difunde Firefox

Lista de correo de

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Live Fruitful with Courtney

Striving to inspiring Healthy Living Around the World, the goal of this mailing list is to give great tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes to achieve a healthier life. It's all about make One Simple Change that will make a difference in your life and the world around you! Invite others and create a world of positive change!

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CurrentlyOK Newsletters

CurrentlyOK is an internet-based news service that features News, Politics, Scene, Style, Sports, and Technology. It is completely student-led by those attending University in Oklahoma. The current Oklahoma news industry uses old and antiquated methods, and CurrentlyOK hopes to counterbalance that by using new media and technology online.

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IPv6 Venezuela Mail List

Lista del grupo de múltiples interesados IPv6 Venezuela

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iEdit Team

This is where iEdit will send out site information such as when the site is down or the editors are unstable.

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Courier Email

Discussion list for the Courier email client from Rose City Software

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vsunix dot net

vsunix dot net support forum, clients, webmaster, admin feedback, newsletter for vsunix dot net members.

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free mailbox development

Technology development, application and management for free mailbox.

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New gTLD's

A mailing list for new gTLD's

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FudanNLP: A Open Source Toolkit for Chinese Natural Language Processing£¬¿ªÔ´ÖÐÎÄ×ÔÈ»ÓïÑÔ´¦Àí¹¤¾ß°ü

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Zolochiv urban portal

All about Zolochiv city information portal. Zolochiv city, Kharkiv oblast Ukraine 62203

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Game Detectives

Reporting any new ARG's in games/mods.

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this is a list for the macg admins

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Testra Discussion

Discuss various aspect of Testra

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A mailing list that serves as a discussion forum for those interested in all things WHOIS-related, such as details of the protocol itself, mass-lookup tools, building your own lists of available & soon-to-be available domains, and best practices for maintaining privacy without falsifying WHOIS information. It doubles as a list to use as your WHOIS contact emails for those who trust the moderators to forward these messages along only to the appropriate members.

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Bamoida Hosting News

I provide a small set of services for a closed circle of friends on a server under the domain and want to create an email-newsletter to inform them about updates and new services I implemented.

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Upper Valley Business IT

Anything related to business or corporate IT/IS/MIS in the Upper Valley of NH/VT and beyond!

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Usuarios de Greenstone de Latinoamerica

Esta lista ha sido reemplazada por la lista "greenstone_es".

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We wish to discuss updates to our site of free downloads of icq, yahoo, hotbar, beatnik, winamp, stationery and wallpaper skins.

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Variety Network TeamTalk Users

This is for all users of the TeamTalk server hosted by the Variety Network. For more information about our servers, visit

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Internet Literacy

Computer Information Systems for Business. Internet literacy discussions for class projects.

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J.Shulman's CISB102_83653 Listserv

This listserv is for the use of students in Judy Shulman's Virtual section of CISB102 at Lansing Community College.

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Prosomawi Media mailing list and discussion board

This mailing list is for users of Prosomawi Media, a service that designs websites for people. Anyone who likes the look of the sites we have done is welcome here. You do not have to have a website that we designed to be subscribed to our list. Anyone who likes Prosomawi Media can subscribe here, and discuss designing websites, the Prosomawi way. Check us out on the web at

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EIUS Newsletter

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#de_18_a_25 Ops

Mailing list for channel operators of #de_18_a_25 (IRC-Hispano)

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Core Interaction

An email list for us to communicate about technical issues.

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Site of the Day

Site of the Day, an announcement list, offers its subscribers an informative or entertaining website five days a week, Monday through Friday. From the amazing array of billions of pages on the web, we suffer from too much choice, rather than too little. The goal of Site of the Day is to do some winnowing on behalf of its members and present the wheat rather than the chaff.

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Core Internet Values

Mailing list for members of the Internet Governance Forum Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

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drupal for the blind

using drupal with screen readers

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How to be financially independent with internet

We discuss about our production and we provide you at least one ebook per month free. The main goal of this list is to help menber to be financially independant throught building their VRE

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Midnight Musings

An announcement list for the Midnight Muse that includes information about new online opportunities and information articles (examples: medieval illumination, gardening with native plants, caring for rabbits, parenting, etc.) on a wide variety of topics.

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Text Outline Project Advisory Comm List

Discussion among members of the Text Outline Project's Advisory Committee; ancillary list to Textop and Textop-OSS

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AdBrite Forum

Forum for AdBrite advertisers and publishers. The intent is to enable online advertisers and publishers to exchange tips, feedback, and ideas with one another and with AdBrite in an open forum.

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Future of Nova Morava

This mailing list will be used for discussion of people envolved in building up a free wireless network called Nova Morava which provides internet in the region of southern Moravia (part of Czech Rep.).

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Cyber Security K-12 Education Roundtable

This list contains individuals interested in recieving information on efforts to increase cyber security, safety and ethics education in the classroom.

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Streaming Brasil

Está lista foi criada para discutir tudo que envolve a tecnologia de Streaming, hardware - encoders - codecs - servers - tendências.

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Support and discussion about the CUSTOMnet product

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Text Outline Project Advisory Comm Announcements

Announcement list for the Text Outline Project's Advisory Committee; ancillary list to Textop and Textop-OSS

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INVISUS Managed Internet Security Service

This list is to provide interested parties with information about the state of Internet and PC security as well as the best solution available for those who are not PC security experts: The INVISUS PC Security Service.

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