Electronics theory, implementation, components, design, support

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IBIS Quality

Forum supporting the availability of quality IBIS signal integrity models for microelectronic parts.

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IBIS Ad Hoc Interconnect

A mailing list for participants in the IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) Standards Committee Ad Hoc Interconnect Task Group. The list will publish minutes, meeting announcements, questions, comments and documents related to the IBIS Interconnect Modeling (ICM) and Touchstone industry specifications.

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Accessible GPS and navigational technology

This list will discuss the options available for accessible navigational technology, including GPS.

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IBIS Macro Model

Group to create standards and libraries to extend the flexibility and power of IBIS signal integrity models using carefully designed macros written in advanced languages such as Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS.

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Discussion list for users of the Plextalk PTR1

This list is for discussing all aspects of the Plextalk PTR1 equipment used for recording DAISY material. The Plextalk home page can be found at <http://www.plextalk.com/>.

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This list is for the discussion of Cadence printed circuit board software tools and solutions

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Gatling Pointe Small Boat User Group

Discussion group for users of small boat technology for navigation, piloting, and power.

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Granasat Mailing List

This list is for all students and people who are contributing or interested in the GranaSAT developing projects.

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Middlesex Amateur Radio Club

A simple venue for the members of the Middlesex Amateur Radio Club to exchange information. This will include schedule of nets, questions on a technical nature, and other topics of interest to amateur radio operators.

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Icon Mobile Manager discussion group

A list to discuss the new Icon Mobile Manager, designed and developed by Levelstar to be the best handheld device for the visually impaired.

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EE Contract Engineers dedicated to design and verification of ASICs and FPGAs. Membership is by invitation ONLY. All Discussions professional - this group has a 15 year history.

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Handiham Online Audio Lectures

Audio lectures in amateur radio theory and licensing, offered to Handiham members only. These audio lectures are blind-accessible and are offered weekly on Fridays. Emails contain links to audio. Handiham members only. Http://handiham.org

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Tech-Assist.org....Electronics repair email list & website for consumer electronics repair techs

The TechAssist email list is ONLY for professional electronics repair technicians in the consumer electronics repair industry! So they have a place in which to post their repair problems and fixes. This includes televisions, VCRs, DVDs, audio equipment, monitors, computers, etc. It is a controlled list, and currently has over 1000 members from all over the world & growing daily! NOTE: WE WILL NOT TOLERATE SPAM OF ANY KIND!!! ANY PARTY THAT SPAMS OR EVEN ATTEMPTS TO SPAM OUR LIST WILL BE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANTENTLY REMOVED!!!!!

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A list for users of the LOGX amateur radio operators logging program.

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Teknikreflektor (tekniska frågor inom amatörradio)

På svenska/In Swedish Tekniska frågor om amatörradio In English/På engelska Technical questions about amateur radio. List language is Swedish

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