Electronics theory, implementation, components, design, support

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IBIS Ad Hoc Interconnect

A mailing list for participants in the IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) Standards Committee Ad Hoc Interconnect Task Group. The list will publish minutes, meeting announcements, questions, comments and documents related to the IBIS Interconnect Modeling (ICM) and Touchstone industry specifications.

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Middlesex Amateur Radio Club

A simple venue for the members of the Middlesex Amateur Radio Club to exchange information. This will include schedule of nets, questions on a technical nature, and other topics of interest to amateur radio operators.

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Orlando Technology Entrepreneurs

General Discussion list for the ARDUINO Electronics 3D Printing and Entrepreneurship Meetup

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EE Contract Engineers dedicated to design and verification of ASICs and FPGAs. Membership is by invitation ONLY. All Discussions professional - this group has a 15 year history.

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Discussion list for users of the Plextalk PTR1

This list is for discussing all aspects of the Plextalk PTR1 equipment used for recording DAISY material. The Plextalk home page can be found at <http://www.plextalk.com/>.

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An information list for Australian and New Zealand collectors and restorers of ex-Military Radio and Signalling equipment. Discussion topics include:- Tips on the use of test equipment when servicing radio and electronic equipment. Tips on faultfinding and repair of electronic circuitry Tips on repair and finishing of equipment cases. General use of radio equipments. Military Radio and Signalling equipment has been at the forefront of electronics, wireless and radio technology since the beginning of the 20th Century. The changing construction methods of valves (tubes) through solid state devices to the very latest surface mount technology is graphically illustrated in the design of ex-services equipments.

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Teknikreflektor (tekniska frågor inom amatörradio)

På svenska/In Swedish Tekniska frågor om amatörradio In English/På engelska Technical questions about amateur radio. List language is Swedish

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A list for users of the LOGX amateur radio operators logging program.

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NCBC Tech Team

For the North Central Baptist Technical Team - To Distribute Announcements, Advice and Information to the Technical Team. The team includes those who work in the Sound & Lighting, Image Magnification (big screen) and Video ministries.

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The Things Network Niederoesterreich

TTN Niederoesterreich Community https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/niederoesterreich/

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delphijustin community newsletter

A newsletter for my technology communtiy on electronics,projects,programming and computers.

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delphianShop catalog newsletter

Get updates on the delphijustin catalog from my online store. Emailed monthly. Online shop link: http://shop.delphijustin.biz

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eNovates LCCL release notification

Be notified with all new release of the enovates LCCL software

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A mailing list for ICFOSS Interns and IoT Enthusiasts to connect each other and solve their doubts. ICFOSS is an autonomous institute of Government of Kerala

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The small computer users club of Central Illinois.

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