Electronics theory, implementation, components, design, support

ListRank: 74ListRank: 74

IBIS Quality

Forum supporting the availability of quality IBIS signal integrity models for microelectronic parts.

ListRank: 68ListRank: 68

IBIS Editorial Discussion List

This list is intended to enable discussion of style, formatting and other editorial aspects of specifications managed by the IBIS Open Forum.

ListRank: 66ListRank: 66

IBIS Macro Model

Group to create standards and libraries to extend the flexibility and power of IBIS signal integrity models using carefully designed macros written in advanced languages such as Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS.

ListRank: 64ListRank: 64

Accessible GPS and navigational technology

This list will discuss the options available for accessible navigational technology, including GPS.

ListRank: 64ListRank: 64

IBIS Ad Hoc Interconnect

A mailing list for participants in the IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) Standards Committee Ad Hoc Interconnect Task Group. The list will publish minutes, meeting announcements, questions, comments and documents related to the IBIS Interconnect Modeling (ICM) and Touchstone industry specifications.

ListRank: 60ListRank: 60

Discussion list for users of the Plextalk PTR1

This list is for discussing all aspects of the Plextalk PTR1 equipment used for recording DAISY material. The Plextalk home page can be found at <http://www.plextalk.com/>.

ListRank: 56ListRank: 56


This list is for the discussion of Cadence printed circuit board software tools and solutions

ListRank: 50ListRank: 50

Gatling Pointe Small Boat User Group

Discussion group for users of small boat technology for navigation, piloting, and power.

ListRank: 44ListRank: 44

Icon Mobile Manager discussion group

A list to discuss the new Icon Mobile Manager, designed and developed by Levelstar to be the best handheld device for the visually impaired.

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42


This list has been disabled by its owner.

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42

Denver Area GnuRadio Group

GnuRadio ( http://gnuradio.org ) interest group, primarily for people in the Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

ListRank: 40ListRank: 40

Handiham World Weekly News

A weekly newsletter about ham radio and assistive technology, computer access, electronics, and related technical topics for people with disabilities and others who are interested.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38

Handiham Online Audio Lectures

Audio lectures in amateur radio theory and licensing, offered to Handiham members only. These audio lectures are blind-accessible and are offered weekly on Fridays. Emails contain links to audio. Handiham members only. Http://handiham.org

ListRank: 34ListRank: 34


The purpose of the list is to discuss items which have appeared within the Infotech programme, focusing upon information technology issues for visually impaired people

ListRank: 34ListRank: 34

Tech-Assist.org....Electronics repair email list & website for consumer electronics repair techs

The TechAssist email list is ONLY for professional electronics repair technicians in the consumer electronics repair industry! So they have a place in which to post their repair problems and fixes. This includes televisions, VCRs, DVDs, audio equipment, monitors, computers, etc. It is a controlled list, and currently has over 1000 members from all over the world & growing daily! NOTE: WE WILL NOT TOLERATE SPAM OF ANY KIND!!! ANY PARTY THAT SPAMS OR EVEN ATTEMPTS TO SPAM OUR LIST WILL BE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANTENTLY REMOVED!!!!!

ListRank: 32ListRank: 32

Bookcourier User Discussion and Support

This list is for the support of Bookcourier from Springer Design. Bookcourier is a text to speech and MP3 player designed for those with print related disabilities and enables books in text or audio formats to be taken out in a palm sized electronit unit.

ListRank: 30ListRank: 30

TIPSdiscussion: Home of TIPSnet

TIPSnet, The Training Information and Public Service Net, a group of Amateur Radio Operators & the general public meeting weekly on-the-air from around the world discussing Public Service and our Amateur Radio Service including timely guests and discussions of the newest technology -electronics & computers. Fostering International Friendship Through Amateur Radio TIPSnet meets every Tuesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm local time (EST) / 0030z-0130z on several RF linked repeaters throughout New England, including the SPARC system, in West Haven, CT. Our main RF connection is the 147.505/146.505 input (-1 Mhz PL 77.0) National and International connections are welcome via SPARC's EchoIRLP Node 7505 or the New England Gateway – EchoLink Conference *NEW-ENG* (node # 9127) and IRLP Reflector 912, Channel 7 (node # 9127) Streaming audio available at http://sparc.us/stream%20option.htm (click 147.505 repeater audio) CHECK the ARCHIVES link at www.tipsnet.org for our program podcast Net Questions or Media Inquiries - Email - tipsnet@tipsnet.org Visit the web at www.tipsnet.org

ListRank: 30ListRank: 30


EE Contract Engineers dedicated to design and verification of ASICs and FPGAs. Membership is by invitation ONLY. All Discussions professional - this group has a 15 year history.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28


An information list for Australian and New Zealand collectors and restorers of ex-Military Radio and Signalling equipment. Discussion topics include:- Tips on the use of test equipment when servicing radio and electronic equipment. Tips on faultfinding and repair of electronic circuitry Tips on repair and finishing of equipment cases. General use of radio equipments. Military Radio and Signalling equipment has been at the forefront of electronics, wireless and radio technology since the beginning of the 20th Century. The changing construction methods of valves (tubes) through solid state devices to the very latest surface mount technology is graphically illustrated in the design of ex-services equipments.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

Teknikreflektor (tekniska frågor inom amatörradio)

På svenska/In Swedish Tekniska frågor om amatörradio In English/På engelska Technical questions about amateur radio. List language is Swedish

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28


A list for users of the LOGX amateur radio operators logging program.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

NCBC Tech Team

For the North Central Baptist Technical Team - To Distribute Announcements, Advice and Information to the Technical Team. The team includes those who work in the Sound & Lighting, Image Magnification (big screen) and Video ministries.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Smart Wearables

Visit our official website to get the latest information about the smart wearables available in the market. Link:http://goo.gl/rygPZ5

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

delphijustin community newsletter

A newsletter for my technology communtiy on electronics,projects,programming and computers.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

delphianShop catalog newsletter

Get updates on the delphijustin catalog from my online store. Emailed monthly. Online shop link: http://shop.delphijustin.biz

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

eNovates LCCL release notification

Be notified with all new release of the enovates LCCL software

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Apps Tech

Apps Devices Technology Discousion and Knowldge . APP Tech make much knowledge improvement about the New App devices technology . We think that Apps Devices should have much care as example ' Heart rate monitoring app device " regarding it's improved technology to track the heart performance also it's very amazing as accessorie device like watches . Beside that it have agood health benfit espicially if there is heart disease like Hypertension .My Main Goal Is to improve Health Knowldge And Benifit's of Apps Technology . i think Freelist Is the best choice to Improve Knowldge About this Health Benefits of this Devices . THer Are many Other Apps Like Temperature Monitor also Qxygen Level , More and More they May reach 100 applications in diffearent Health Problems like Diabetes and Hypertension , Tachcardia , Dizzenes , Arthymia ..... . If we take Hypertension As example ther are about 100 million patient or more around the world beside other cases wich these Apps Devices Can Help in There case .if ther is agood tracking of patient case throught mesauring Blood pressure by this Apps this will be very effective to Manage ther case espicially if there is drug managment so ther will be compareson between drug effect and Blood pressure record throught all the day , But this can only happen if ther is agood knowldge about this Apps Technology , Many people go for Hospital to check ther Blood Pressure for maximum one time every couple of days wich result in miss recording to the drug effect or Blood Pressure Level in all the day , thats why these list provide much more knoldge about this devices " Programing , Health Benefit , Types , Records Review , Health tips and monitoring , Health Managment . the Greet advantage here is that Health managment according to real tracking Devices . Also Health topics will be provided with Apps Devices Health Management . About the LIst Writer Dr. Saed Job : Pharmacist

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

PortugalLeets Mw3

Mailing List of PortugalLeets MW3 Clan

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26


A mailing list for ICFOSS Interns and IoT Enthusiasts to connect each other and solve their doubts. ICFOSS is an autonomous institute of Government of Kerala

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26


The small computer users club of Central Illinois.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Newsletter da Infinea

Infinea is an electronics design consulting business based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This is a monthly newsletter covering topics on electronics systems design including design best practices.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Regeltechniek VIK - Belgium

This group involves the Control Engineering. It is a VIK study group based on the industry.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Paper Talk

Organising towards using paper as a computer communications mechanism. Requirements gathering, Open Standard determination, Social Organizing for establishment of standard and associated encoders/decoders.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26



ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Kva Ltda

Company specializes in creating solutions for the automation of generators. Solutions such as controllers, regulators, chargers and sensors for various applications.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

TAD Board

Private list for the NFB of Kentucky Tecgnology assistance Division board of directors & invited guests.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

www.zeppelins.tk Newsletter...

News about our technological university (Electronic Engineer Departemnt), and generel discution about techonology matters.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

PSK31-Mini Transceiver

Newsletter about a radio amateur transceiver kit

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Mailing Liste der Berufsschulklasse BS-ELBE-U1

This is the mailing list of the professional class "operation electronics" of the art school in Aachen

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Holter Recorder with Flash Multimediacard Design for Sleep Apnea Analysis

Holter Recorder with Flash Multimediacard Design for Sleep Apnea Analysis

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26


Group of students doing a final engineering project about atmospheric sensors. Our aim is to build a distributed celular network of various sensors that talk to each other and into a central point to gather information for a given region. Out language is European Portuguese.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Orlando TeTechnologychnology Entrepreneurs

The general discution list for the ARDUARDUINOINO Electronics 3D Printing and Entrepreneurship Meetup

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

open source

about open source software and hardware, to express your views, to share ideas, what you discovered new ..

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

free discussion portal by Bluetronics Inc.

this list is meant for the one whose were interested to learn and teach embedded systems, RTOS and its applications

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Osama's Lab

News of the latest electronic projects,articles,hints at Osama's Lab sites.google.com/site/osamaslab

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26


A mail list for UBC EECE students' group discussion

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Quality Assurance Representive

Computer support,and repair and game monitor. arcad games repairs.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

eWaste and computer recycling - Hunter NSW

Information relevant to the management of eWaste and the recycling and reuse of computer equipment in the Hunter region of NSW Australia. The newsletter is published by the Hunter Computer Collective in conjunction with ComputerBank Hunter and the Community Helpinmg Hand Association. The newsletter will also refer to relevant GNU/Linux in the Hunter.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Proxima RF Newsletter

Newsletter providing updates, new product announcements, news and case studies for Proxima RF, high frequency RFID manufacturer.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Arazriel Dev Test

Development testing list.

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