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GW Insider - Chip Orange - October 25, 2011Chip!

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  The following event has been posted to the GW Micro Upcoming Events page:

  Name: GW Insider - Chip Orange - October 25, 2011
  When: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
  Where: Online
  What: GW Insider Interview
  Who: Chip Orange and Marc Solomon
  Comments: Don't miss the October 25th GW Insider episode featuring an 
interview with Chip Orange who is a long time Window-Eyes user and driving 
force behind the highly regarded free weekly Window-Eyes app development 
training classes. 

  At the age of 12, Chip lost all of his vision due to a degenerative disease. 
He attended the Saint Augustine School for the Deaf and Blind and then later 
moved to public school. He played the trumpet, swam, wrestled and graduated as 
a National Merit Scholar.

  Chip was a straight "A" student in Florida State University's Computer 
Science program. At the beginning of his college academia, one professor sought 
to discourage Chip from taking classes that were "too difficult for the average 
sighted student, much less a blind one." That professor later became Chip’s 
academic advisor, and Chip went on to receive the highest grade in that class. 
He graduated from FSU with honors (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and 
Computer Science Student of the Year).

  Chip went on to develop a powerful Case Management System for his employer 
and he also has written two software systems specifically for blind people and 
was one of the first people to experiment with a program for a hand held GPS 
receiver that would help enable a blind person to travel independently.

  Chip is dedicated to helping other people who are experiencing blindness. 
Another example of his leadership and initiative is the "Tallahassee Area 
Blindness Issues," which is an E-mail group providing an accessible and 
convenient method to communicate and share information within the blind 
community. This method of information sharing enhances awareness of political
  and social issues, activities, and services provided in the local area. 

  Chip Orange was the first recipient of the Paula Bailey Inspirational 
Community Member Award. The award is presented by the Florida Institute of 
Rehabilitation Education of People Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind (FIRE). 
The Paula Bailey Inspirational Community Member Award is presented to a member 
of the community who invokes positive emotions and actions in others.

  For more information about Chip Orange, please listen to the podcast that 
will be posted after the interview is conducted on October 25th. Once it is 
posted, you can access the podcast link at 

  If you have questions you would like for me to ask Chip during the interview 
taking place on October 25th, you can send them via e-mail to Marc Solomon at 
marc@xxxxxxxxxxxx Please submit your questions prior to October 24th, 2011 to 
ensure they will be included in the interview. 

  Please feel free to contact Marc Solomon by phone at 260-489-3671 Ext. 262 or 
via email at marc@xxxxxxxxxxx if you have any questions. 

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