Re: ot My weekly tip:how to create a global table shared by two s essions.

On 04/19/2004 07:52:13 AM, "Naveen, Nahata (IE10)" wrote:
> Juan,
> I really hate to make a comment which can be rude. But there was a
> suggestion for you from someone a few weeks back in a different thread
> "Relax, and post less"

And that person normally doesn't shy from being brusque, even harsh
at times, but this wasn't meant to be either. This was meant simply
as a common sense. As a senior DBA with 15 years of experience, I do
thank you for weekly pointers to the oracle documentation. It would
never occur to me to read the fine manual otherwise. I'm sure that
Cary Millsap, Jonathan Lewis, Steve Adams, Anjo Kolk, Wolfgang Breitling, 
Scott Heisey, Arup Nanda and the rest of novice DBA people on this group 
are also thankful for sending weekly links to OTN documentation. 

Now, that person has really done it, don't you think so?

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
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