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You just made my afternoon!  BTW, I have bookshelf envy.  Mines not quite as 
big as yours, but it's

Ron Thomas
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True, true...but you know how the industry shuns reading comprehension.

I have often been accused of LAMP-related witchery and other forms of
Oracle/Java devil worship just for having too many (more than one with a
publication date from the past decade). Besides, why would anyone read an
Oracle book especially if "the cumpny won't pay for 'em."

True story: a guy by the name of Keith Foster of Wells Fargo (notice I do
not change the names like the FBI) needed an Oracle 9iAS book back in the
Spring of 2001. I immediately sat down at his laptop to order one online.
Being a contractor who was being courted for full time employment Keith had
to laugh and kindly ask for me to stop typing as Wells pays for "those kind
of project related resources." "Really," I asked. "Of course, Ellis," Keith
replied, "it is just one book." A week later he had to break the bad news to
me that John Muhlstein, our illustrious IT Manager didn't have the required
$59.99 in the IT budget.

Now, having long since disregarded the "Successories" posted by HR and the
glossy colored brochures about "employees are our greatest resource," (I
think the Egyptians used to utilize similar postings while the Israelites
were in captivity) I smiled and presented Keith with an early Christmas
present, an Oracle 9iAS reference book that had, coincidentally, arrived the
same afternoon we discovered our IT department was illiquid. Amazed, like an
incredibly grateful girlfriend, he asked me how I knew. Well, kids, I am no
"Raven" (my daughters watch that show on Nick) I just know my old school IT
departments better than I ever came to know Jesus back in my formative years
in Ohio. Thus, I had ordered the 9iAS book the same night from my home LAN.

I have over two hundred technical books including Oracle, Java, PHP,
Solaris, Linux, Apache, MySQL, etc. and have read some portion of one or
all. Not one, not a single one, has ever been paid for with company funds:
these books are provide me an invaluable set of tools that stays with me
wherever I may roam...and I do like to job-hop. Further, I just can't stand
the thought of looking stupid in that next technical interview because John
"Old Man River" Muhlstein, for example, can enthusiastically run up an
Oracle data warehousing budget from $2 million to $8 million yet,
mysteriously, can't allocate the roughly $60 to purchase a book for a
company-sponsored 9iAS project. (I hate it when I get down to my last few
hundred thousand and can't super size my value meal until next year's

Education isn't part of life it is life itself. Buy those books and, please,
oust those old school IT Managers. For my part, I am really bored debating
flex time with those who used to ride a horse to work and still think that
PowerPoint and MS Outlook (meeting requests) are mysterious tools of
infinite productivity. Most importantly, read those manuals, links, online
documentation, etc. as they are free. I learned everything I know (whatever
that is) from the same. For what it is worth, I am entirely
self-taught...which is why I know how to cipher better than my last ten

Aside from the generosity of Mr. Millsap, I have never attended a single
Oracle, Java, etc. class in my illustrious career. Nevertheless, the Hotsos
class I attended on performance tuning (along with his book, "Optimizing
Oracle Performance,") was phenomenal. If I was going to court that old
school boss to send me to a class this year it would be the next Hotsos
seminar. After that, however, please have your boss fired so we can all get
on with the business of IT instead of the brutally retarded politics.

By the way, most everyone on this list seems to be very dedicated and, in
general, ask very valid questions. In short, my rants are directed at those
who are even too lazy to find such a list...actually, in all fairness, many
of them haven't been told about the Internet. At this stage, please keep it
our little secret.


If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him.
An investment of knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

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What are manuals for?

At 04:24 PM 7/21/2004, you wrote:
>  Hi Wolfgang , sorry only pointing to a problem in your solution.
>I agree that is the solution
>the problem I think is he don't know how to do that.


Wolfgang Breitling
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