Re: Unload Table Data to Flat Files

Mybe you can try using OCIULDR (free download on my page), and specify an
special char as the record seperator and field seperator.

 On 11/16/05, d cheng <dc4oracle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Listers,
>  I need to unload several large database tables unto flat files on a Unix
> database server. I am using Tom Kyte's SQL*Plus unloader. However, there
> seems to be a problem when a varchar column contains a ^M (CR) within it.
> All other columns to the right of this are truncated and missing from the
> record in the flat file. Is there a way to workaround this truncation issue?
> I would like to NOT scrub the data by removing the carriage return as the
> end-users might expect them to be there.
>  Below are the SQL*Plus settings in effect when the extraction SQL
> statement was issued. If I 'set wrap on', I will see all the data for the
> varchar column but they are split on multiple lines - I need them to be on a
> single line.
>  set wrap off
> set l inesize 32767
> set trimspool on
> set feedback off
> set pagesize 0
> set verify off
> set termout off
> spool test.sql
> select
> c1||chr(199)||
> c2||chr(199)||
> n3||chr(199)||
> c4||chr(199)||
> d5||chr(199)||
> n6
> from my_table
> spool off;
>  Thank you in advance for your help!
>  - David
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