Re: Massive Update commit every 1000 records

First of all, thanks for everyone's reply and sorry for my mistake not
resetting counter back to zero after commit. We do have an index on SSN but
I want to drop it to speed up the update. It looks to me that a better way
is either CTAS or using bulk collect (below). Considering the standby
database in place, I think I will go with bulk collect to reduce the redo
transport. Thanks, Roger Xu

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Alisher Yuldashev <yuldashev@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Roger,
> I would do
> declare
>  cursor c12 is select rowid rid from sales where ssn is not null;
>  type v_typ is table of c12%rowtype;
>  v_arr v_typ;
> begin
>  open c12;
>  loop
>   fetch c12 bulk collect into v_arr limit 1000;
>   forall i in 1..v_arr.count
>     update sales set ssn=to_number(substr(to_char(ssn),-4)) where
> rowid=c12.rid(i);
>  commit;
>   exit when c12%notfound;
>  end loop;
>  close c12;
> end;
> Thanks,
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