[macvoiceover] introducing myself

Hello everyone, My Name is Anouk Radix and I am a blind 24 year old law student 
from the Netherlands. Yesterday I bought my first macbook pro. I am a die hard 
braille user and have been using windows for the last 11 years in conjunction 
with hal. After reading about voicover on the net i got really interested into 
the mac, I went to the apple store (without reading a manual) and was a bit 
disappointed, sure my braille display (bc640) did work but I did not know how 
to navigate or to do anything. I wrote an email to accessibility@xxxxxxxxx, not 
expecting a reply but I did and now I am reading all the resources I can to 
prepare myself for my new macbook pro arriving probbably next week.
Greetings, Anouk 

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