Re: portable device

My grandson was recharging his MP3 player in my computer.  Once I unplugged it 
that obnoxious message went away.  Thanks!  Judith
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  From: Dave Carlson 
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  You'll need to change your options in Windows Media Player. It's trying to 
connect to an MP3 player via USB to synchronize or download files. Hopefully 
you'll find the relevant place in WMP based on this vague description.


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    Jaws keeps telling me about a portable device that I can activate.  They 
say they can download heavens knows what using windows Media Player.  I keep 
checking take no action, tabbing to OK and checking it.  It's fine for about 
the next 2 minutes when it comes back again.  How can I get rid of this 
message?  Judith

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