[hllug] RE: [hllug] Re: Dial up is such a PITA (Kubuntu 10.04) [solved, sort of]

Congrats dude, I do remember that I had to move the modem to a new slot too, 
never understood it. Hi praise to DSL, love it.
On Thursday, November 10, 2011 17:25, "Don Crowder" <dondashguitar@xxxxxxxxx> 

> On 11/10/2011 03:35 PM, Donald E. Crowder wrote:
> > On 11/09/2011 07:05 PM, Don Crowder wrote:
> >> Ok, I'm very happy Kubuntu 10.04 on these machines. I was able to
> >> purge Open Office, install LibreOffice and the latest Firefox. I tracked
> >> down an assortment of hardware issues (one intermittent HDD, an
> >> intermittent CD/DVD drive, a non-functioning CDROM and a non-spec
> >> (replacement) cooling fan. Now if I could just get the dial up modem to
> >> work correctly. The modem I'm using has been plug-n-play in Mepis 8.0
> >> every time I've tried it but is invisible to KPPP (even though wvdial
> >> sees it just fine). Thank goodness only one (so far) has needed dial up
> >> internet.
> >
> > Well after a few dozen pages of google results and trying one thing
> > after another I got the dial up working on the computer I've been
> > fighting with but, as is often the case, I'm not sure exactly what it
> > was that fixed it and the solution came with a brand new enigma.
> >
> > to wit:
> >
> > Wvdial, from the command line, works every time without fail.
> >
> > KPPP, with it's slick, easy to use gui, fails every time (so far).
> >
> > Both interfaces contain the same username/password combination (pasted
> > from a text file) and both are dialing the same number yet connection
> > has yet to fail when I used wvdial and has yet to connect when I used KPPP.
> >
> > I'll get on google here in a few minutes and begin the process of
> > finding a solution but this is extremely frustrating and annoying so I
> > decided to vent a little before getting back into it.
> Ok, as usual the issue boiled down to "pilot error"  When I copy/pasted
> the user name into KPPP I missed the first digit of the user name.
> Correcting that error cleared up the KPPP problem right away.  :(
> If I'd moved the modem to another slot and assured that the user had
> permission to execute KPPP I'd have had it working right away but
> hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it?  I don't know why the modem had to
> be moved, it was a suggestion I found on a website and it worked.
> Before moving it KPPP couldn't "find" the modem.
> With 25 years of experience as a bench technician you'd think I'd
> remember that every test you've already conducted becomes invalid when
> you change ANYTHING in the circuit and must thereafter be carefully
> repeated in order to validate the success or failure of your changes.
> In this respect, there's no significant difference between software and
> hardware.  I'm sure that I'll eventually reach a place where that
> becomes second nature.
> That, then, is enough lamentation over shortcomings.  Time to celebrate
> my success.  :)
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