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Thank you Sean and Jerry for your responses. There may still be an issue with ext2fs support in that it may not properly read ext4 drives (just a guess). there seemed to be a runaway process when reading a large (250g) drive. a fsck from linux (xubuntu) repaired all the problems, so no loss.. If you want, I can try to recreate the problem on a spare drive. But someone would have to tell me what data to send you guys to help fix it..
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On 8 Feb 2012 at 21:07, Jimmy wrote:

> Hi all,
> can sombody tell me how stable the fat32 support is in the latest dev (gcc2hybrid) builds. I had
> some fs corruption using alpha3 build and want to start using Haiku more w/o rebooting.
> Jimmy

It seems better since a few months back, I don't know what got fixed but it was sometime
after BG or during, I noticed that fat32 stopped having problems. I use fat32 all the time,
never any problems that cuaght my attention, though ymmv


Both Fat32 and NTFS support are sound.  I've had no errors after Alpha 3 was issued.  The problems I had were on the Alpha 2 release.  The major link to those problems had to do with mount points.  I resolved the problems by simply making sure all deletions were purged before I dismounted the drive.

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