[haiku-gsoc] vm_store_anonymous

 Seems that I will break the quietness :)

 To my project, I will use a file as the swap area first.  Since it's a file, I 
can use the facilities provided  by the filesystem.

 On modifying the  vm_store_anonymous_noswap, a member: struct vnode * vnode 
(represents the swap file) will be added to the anonymous_store stuct. And the 
store_anonymous operation functions will be very like those in vnode_store. Am 
I right?

 I am confused by the word "commit". Does it equal "use"? Could anyone explain 
those fields in the anonymous_store struct:
     bool        can_overcommit;
     bool        has_precommitted;
     uint8       precommitted_pages;
     int32       guarded_size;


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