[haiku-development] Re: firewire patch sync firewire stack with freebsd's r188928

Only after we trigger the BUSRESET interrupt manually when booting,
there should be no firewire interrupt. There must be wrong with
anything but the interrupt handler

2009/3/28 JiSheng Zhang <jszhang3@xxxxxxxxx>:
> There should be no interrupt related with firewire before the info
> "firewire:Initiate bus reset" is printed. Such info is missing from
> the log, so the interrupt isn't expected. IMO, it isn't related with
> the interrupt handling.
> 2009/3/28 Stephan Assmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>:
>> On 2009-03-28 at 08:53:29 [+0100], JiSheng Zhang <jszhang3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> The patch is tested a few times and attached, would someone help me apply
>>> the patch and svn ci? Thanks in advance.
>>> PS: any ideas about ticket 3595?
>> Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas to offer, but unless the interrupt
>> handling of the FireWire stack can be made reliable, I would be in favor of
>> not putting the FireWire bus_manager on the default Haiku image. The reason
>> being that there is currently no DV media add-on, so it isn't really
>> integrated. In case the FireWire bus_manager causes a hang at boot, it does
>> more harm than it does good when it works, at least at the moment. Maybe
>> some devs with kernel and driver experience have some ideas.
>> Best regards,
>> -Stephan

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