[bksvol-discuss] just submitted Sylvia Bambola Refiner's fire

        I just submitted
Refiner's Fire
Sylvia Bambola

from the back book cover
Alexander Wainwright is the ambitious new U.S.. ambassador to Romania. Yuri Devneko is the Romanian arm officer­and clandestine Christian­sent to spy on him. Both know their assignments. What they don't know­though Yuri suspects­is that each is the other's long-lost fraternal twin. Set amidst the brutal reign of Nicolae Ceausescu in the 1980s Bucharest, Refiner's Fire is an extraordinary story of secrets, suspense, persecution, and faith. When the threat of imprisonment and torture lurks around every corner­especially for members of the Underground church­ No one can be trusted. Yet two brothers on opposite

Historical Christian fiction.

Laura Ann

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