[birdky] shorebird surveys

Dear KOS,

Spring is on its way and the shorebirds are already stopping by. April 1
begins the 2004 shorebird survey season. Last year several individuals
conducted surveys that were sent on to Manomet Center for Conservation.
These observations will be used to build "snapshots" in time of shorebird
migration to their breeding grounds. Please send me an email if you would
like to participate again this year or start your own survey. If you can
visit a good shorebird site once every 10 days during spring and fall
migration, great let me know what you see. Even if you can't visit sites
that regularly, your observations are most useful over any time frame so
send them in to me.

As I was surfing Manomet's web pages I found a page that shows pictures and
journal entries from a crew doing a shorebird study in the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge. The narrative was quite entertaining and the pictures are
inspiring. Visit this web page:

Elizabeth Ciuzio
Wildlife Biologist

#1 Game Farm Road
Frankfort, KY 40601-9986

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