[birdky] Recent Observations

Highlights from recent observations are as follows:

Jan 6   Northern Warren county

Eastern Phoebe
Purple Finch  5
Red-tailed Hawk   adult light-morph calurus
Loggerhead Shrike

Walton's Pond

Green-winged Teal
American Wigeon

Griffin Park

Lesser Scaup 2
Ruddy Duck  2

Jan 7   Peabody

Herring Gull  
Adult light-morph calurus
Purple Finch
American Tree Sparrows

Jan 9  Barren Reservoir

Common Loon
Hooded Merganser  appr 50
Least Sandpiper  2
Purple Finch
Bonaparte's Gull  500+
Rusty Blackbird  20+
American Pipit  250+  Bailey's Point area

Jan 10  Southern Warren County

Rough-legged Hawk  light-morph  Meng Rd.  photos
Purple Finch
Rusty Blackbird  3  WKU farm
Light-morph harlani WKU farm   video/photos

Griffin Park

Ring-necked Duck  6

Jan 12  Southern Warren County

Griffin Park

Ring-necked Duck  14
Lesser Scaup  2
Hooded Merganser

Walton's Pond

Northern Pintail
Lapland Longspur

Harlan's at WKU farm

Purple Finch  2 at feeder in my yard

Jan 13  Barkley/Kentucky  part of day w/ Hap Chambers

Common Loon  Barkley
DC Cormorant  Barkley
Am. White Pelican  15 previously reported by Melissa
Snow Goose  Barkley  dark-morph
Long-tailed Duck  Barkley
Thayer's Gull  adult  Barkley Dam  photos
Lesser Black-backed Gull  Ky Dam   2 adults

Jan  15  Barren Reservoir

Herring Gull  3
Bald Eagle  adult  Walnut Creek area
Palm Warbler  flock of 5 at Bailey's Point

Jan 16  Barkley/Ky

Common Loon   15-20  Ky
Horned Grebe  60+  total both lakes
DC Cormorant  4  Barkley
Canvasback   several hundred above Barkley dam
Bufflehead   several hundred Barkley
Common Goldeneye  several hundred  Ky
Thayer's Gull  adult Barkley Dam  photos
Glaucous Gull  Ky dam  photos
Lesser Black-backed Gull  3  Ky dam  photos
Palm Warbler  Marshall County

Up to 11 Chipping Sparrows daily in my yard along with
2 White-crowned Sparrows of the gambelii race.

I stated in a previous report that the light-morph
Harlan's Red-tail was spending its 2nd winter on the
WKU farm.  In going through some notes, I found that
it is acutally spending its 3rd winter there.



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