Software Development

Programming, design, theory, user support groups, product-specific newsletters

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DokuWiki Development

A list for developers and people interested in the development process of DokuWiki - a free and open source Wiki engine written in PHP. More info about DokuWiki is available at

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Argyll CMS

Argyll Color Management System Mailing List. Discussion of development, bugs, and usage of Argyll and icclib.

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Traditional Hanzi Localization

Chinese localization using traditional hanzi for free software.

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Haiku Development

This is the official development mailing list about Haiku, an open-source operating system designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. You can find the Haiku website at:

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Discussion of liblouis and liblouisxml

This list is for the discussion and developmnt of the liblouis and liblouisxml braille translation, back-translation and formating software4

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David Pilling Software

Discussion of David Pilling's RISC OS and Windows software

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Haiku Commitlogs

Commits to the haiku code will be logged and discussed here.

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Haiku Web/Support Tools

Discussion on the web and support tools for Haiku developers

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RackTables users list

This list aims to coordinate best usage practices, contributions, documentation and feature requests between RackTables users and developers.

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Haiku Bugs

Mailing list where all trac tickets will be posted and can be discussed.

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Lower Alabama .NET User Group

The Lower Alabama .NET User Group (LANUG) is an independent community of software developers formed to share knowledge and experiences with Microsoft .NET development products and technologies. Our goals are to provide a forum for increasing knowledge about Microsoft .NET by offering informative programs and to promote networking amongst group members to build an active developer community, thereby creating a living base of knowledge to support the group and its members.

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gPodder Development Mailing List

Discussion of the development of the open source gPodder podcast client ( and announcements of new releases.

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Arachne Fan Club

List for fans, users and development of the Arachne web browser and suite for DOS and Linux.

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Swathanthra Software Users Group - Malappuram

Swathanthra Software Hackers and Users of Malappuram. We support Free Operating Systems like GNU/Linux, *BSD, OpenSolaris, GNU/Hurd, ReactOS... and Free Softwares like Open Office, Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice...

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A spaceless hackerspace in Groningen. We're mainly software hackers (programmers and system administrators). We try to meet every two weeks at one of our member's homes are a public space (a bar, other hackerspaces, etc.).

ListRank: 40ListRank: 40 Delphi Components and Applications

User discussion for the Delphi Inspiration Components and Applications: DIContainers, DIConverters, DIFileFinder, DIGoogleReader, DIHtmlParser, DIMime, DIRegEx, DISQLite3, DITidy, DIUcl, DIUnicode, DIXml, DIZipWriter, DIPasDoc, DIPP, Html2DokuWiki, SQLiteSpy.

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NVDA Translations

discussion and notification list for translators

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Mailing List For Project mutator

Mailing list for the mutator project, a C code mutator,Misra-C checker and code transformation tool written using the Clang frontend(LibTooling) as a stand-alone in C++. You Can post anything mutator-related on here. for the time-being the list is open

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i3 discussion

Discussion about the i3 window manager

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Software development group for Amiga compatible computers. Public list for discussions.

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This group exists to support and extend the capabilities of the DocBook generating Java language doclet created by Michael Fuchs. The DocBook Doclet creates DocBook SGML or XML from Java source documentation or HTML files. It is helpful if you want to print reference handbooks of your API. Normally it is used with the Javadoc tool but it can also be used as a standalone application to convert HTML to DocBook. Additionally it comes with a Swing application to manage documentation projects and to transform the resulting DocBook files to PDF.

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NVDA Add-ons Central

A list dedicated to NVDA Add-ons, including new addon proposals, code review and addon release announcements.

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News and updates about Chaoscope, a 3D strange attractors rendering freeware.

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Genropy user list

Genropy framework user list

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Development of the Nuitka Python Compiler

This list is intended for development of the Python compiler Nuitka. Find here announcement and discussions of patches.

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LuaJIT -- a just-in-time compiler for Lua.

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Formatted Text Control

The official mailing list for Formatted Text Control (FTC) for the REALbasic development environment.

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Michigan SAS Users Group Mailing List

Used to notify members of the Michigan SAS Users Group of upcoming meetings and other events.

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Haiku 3rdparty Development

This is the official 3rd party development mailing list for Haiku, an open-source operating system designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. You can find the Haiku website at:

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vitunes commit log

This mailing list contains a log of all commits made to the vitunes git repository.

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Chess game

A romanian team (formed by computer science students), developing a chess game in Java, for the "Introduction to Algorithms" course.

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SimpleMail ML for Users

This is the official mailing list concerning the SimpleMail Amiga mailer. You can discuss about the development, report bugs and request new features.

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Enise internal developer list

Enise internal list for developers: plans, work.

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A mailing list for the programmers of the La Canada Engineering Club to stay in touch

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Zoomulus Bugs

Bug traffic for the Zoomulus open source project.

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OOMTK Kernel Commit Log

Commit log for the OOMTK Kernel. For more info see

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Longbow Operating System

Official mailing list of the longbow operating system.

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Bif Development

Discussion list for developers and early adopters of the bif distributed project management tool:

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YAMOS mailing list

This list has been disabled by its owner.

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Private list for developers in Promincle3D project. Members of this list are programmers developing software for 3D map of the cities

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A place to discuss anything relevant to the freeware STE emulator the Steem Engine.

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Latterfrosken Java Monitoring-And-Control System (JMACS)

to discuss the development and deployment of the monitoring-and-control system itself. Any other issue which is not addressed by one of the sister mailing-lists should also be directed here.

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Eclipse Maestrosoft Studio Beta Program

Eclipse CDT plugin enabling Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compilers

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Modular Ruby clients interface for REST APIs.

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discousions and infos between users of software developed by Integrator and support. suggestions will be accepted.

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Windows Printer Driver Development

This list is dedicated to the development of printer drivers and spooler components for the Windows family of operating systems. Looking for Win32 peer support? Not here. But if youÂ’ve got a design or implementation issue with a Windows printer driver or spooler component, this is the place to be. Take the opportunity to learn from your peers to get over that particular development hump.

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List for the developers and users of Aravis, a glib/gobject based library for Genicam cameras.

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development mailing list for heropunch projects. canonical mirror:

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antiweb Literate Programming Tool

Support and discussion for the antiweb literate programming tool.

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DevOps Plex Sharing

This is the DevOps community list for sharing plex and different conversations about leveraging Plex and NAS(s)

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