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Cape Town Fighting Game Community

This is a discussion list for the Cape Town Fighting Game community.

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Leipziger Spiele-Szene | Gaming Scene in Leipzig, Germany

Vernetzung der Leipziger Computerspiele-Szene: Entwickler, Journalisten, Künstler, Dozenten. Koordination von Veranstaltungen, vor allem des monatlichen Stammtisches.

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BF Utah Group

List for nightly BF4 group.

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USS Atlantis Star Trek Online Simulations

A mailing list for members of the USS Atlantis Star Trek Simulation.

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The GameProgrammer.Com mailing list is for the open discussion of any topic related to the art, science, and business, of programming games. This list is especially tolerant of beginners. We were all beginners once.

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D&D Group

Communication and documentation for the Martin household D&D group

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Welcome to the gamers guide! Where we discuss any problims with pretty much any game! Now I might not be an expert, but that's where you come in! Share any gaming tips, anything from gameboys, to PS4S! Just don't forget to introduce yourself. If your not a gaming person, but you wanna know what to do in games, and then maybe you might try out a game, come and subscribe, and we won't band you what-so-ever! We like to have fun, even if your not one to get in front of a xbox. So come and subscribe!

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Blind and visually impaired pilots

For discussing of Microsoft Flight Simulator with It's your plane and accessibility from a blindness perspective

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The mailing list of the Fanta Soccer Ronco Legue

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Smooth Riders

We are a group of blind people who play a trucking simulation game online at We would like to use the mailing list to send instructions on what routes to take, a way for our members to ask questions they have about the game, and other things regarding our online Trucking simulation company. We have about 30 members so far, and we are looking to grow more. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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BSC Games Discussion List

Mailing list for talking about computer games created by

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List for top players of cyberpunk2020 pbem

List for top players of cyberpunk2020 pbem

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Odamex Bug Reporter

A "mailing list" where developers of the Odamex Doom-based engine ( can subscribe and get alerts to new bugs being filed (and potentially follow-ups) so that we don't always have to assign an actual person as the default bug reportee.

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Heroclix Oslo

For people playing Heroclix in Oslo, Norway.

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TacBF - Tactical Battlefield

Annoncement of upcoming MP games and updates of the mod.

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A video game emphasizing religious unity, a description from the website follows: The Game will implement a set of common values in the style of current popular games but not geared toward necessary use of battle for advancement, because heartseed at heart will be an adventure game. Our final product which will be 'commercial quality' will be free of charge.

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Blood & Black Friends Playing Neverwinter Nights

A private list for a group of us who met and became friends playing Dark Age of Camelot and who now play Neverwinter Nights together. We will be discussing module scripting for the Neverwinter Nights RPing game, character creation and Dungeon building.

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Dallas Games Marathon Committee

For the Dallas Games Marathon Committee to coordinate and communicate

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Laser Tag Vienna

Group of friends interested in playing lasertag in Vienna

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Super Serious Clan

Die offizielle Mailingliste des Super Serious Clan!

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[Sick] Aesthetics

Marvel CoC group Aesthetics mailing list for sharing/organizing game strategy outside of game.

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Discussion and notification list for the cross-platform computer game Spook.

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Star Wars: Cost Of Power (development)

A mailing list for the coders, admins and beta testers of the SWR based MUD: Star Wars: Cost Of Power

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Audio Darts of Delaware Valley

discussion about audio darts

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RollOnFriday Wii gaming

Discussion of Wii gaming, and games organisation, amongst members of RollOnFriday.

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Software Components of soccer-technique. How can we simulate future soccer results by using open source software

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SR4-Roleplaying in Karlsruhe, Germany

A small group of pen-and-paper-gamers (Shadowrun 4) living in my hometown (Karlsruhe, Germany) for organizing matters. When to play, where, etc.

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Cadetes del Espacio

Lista de correo de Cadetes del Espacio para hablar de la saga Evochron, Nova Voyager y otros juegos de ciencia ficción, esta lista requerirá de unos [tags] especiales, por ejemplo [Evochron] para evochron o [Elite] o [Análisis] lo que sea, especificando en el título el nombre del juego o tema del mensaje a tratar. (

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Ian Reed's Games

For discussion and announcement of new features, player created content and questions about games created by Ian Reed.

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Koga Koalition RPG group eBabble

Mailing list for the Koga Koalition RPG group, for scheduling, and conversing about Plot, characters and ideas.

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EH TIECorps ISD Challenge Mailing List

Mailing list of Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Challenge, a distinguished ship (now decomissioned) of The Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps Fleet ( This list is mainly for the using of old TIECorps veteran officers who served on that ship but that DOES NOT mean it couldn't be used by current Fleet members upon request/approval.

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Runde der Ringgeister e.V. - Rat

Communication list for members of the management of club named by "Runde der Ringgeister e.V."

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Distribution list to provide updates and alerts regarding development, maintenance and enhancement of the RSCompanion character tool.

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Lan-Project 2

A mailinglist for the organisators of the lan-project2.

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Dai hoi vo lam - BM Tin hoc

Using for Gamers in BM Tin hoc Dai hoc Thang Long. This List is used to share experiences, information for everyone

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[TheSloth] clan mailing list

[TheSloth] clan on Tremulous

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Thrill Kill Kult

Thrill Kill Kult - Portuguese Americas Army Squad. The main interest of this list is basically trade experiences with some Portuguese users of the first class game from the US Army, Americas Army. Amongst other things, bugs, strategies, evolution of the game, mods, everything over Army Ops Operations

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Final Score Predictions

Mailing list associated with the predictions league for predicting football scores. Managed by Michael Payne

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Lista de correo y noticias de PlanetZero.

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I will be sending out newsletters every month or so about my channel,

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DSA Quad Chor

ML to synch meetings for our group.

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battle zone

This is where people can talk about the game battle zone.

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Redcap's Corner

Stay up to date regarding the products and events brought to you by Philadelphia's premier game store Redcap's Corner!

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All Heroes Die Game Updates

A mailing list for people who have purchased the game to be notified of updates

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Ghosty Newss

The newsletter off the ghosty Minecraft server

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Boys of Beef - Discussion List

An email list for members of Boys of Beef guild members to discuss guild matters. Boys of Beef is a World of Warcraft Guild residing on the Windrunner server

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Echoes of Empires Mail List

A mailing list for the Staff of the Echoes of Empires Live Action Role Play Game.

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Zach Weber

Information about upcoming games and software by Zach Weber

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My4X Online Aufbauspiel

Mailingliste zum My4X Online Browserspiel

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