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 +**I'm not receiving copies of my own posts**
 +First, make sure you've got the "​ECHOPOST"​ flag set for your subscription (this can be done in the [[http://​​login.html|Web Login]]). ​ This is a default setting when the mailing list you're subscribed to was created, but the list administrator(s) can opt to turn it off.  ​
 +Next, if you're a Gmail user, see this
 +[[https://​​forum/#​!topic/​gmail/​MHEZDkqCHEY|Gmail Product Forum]] thread. ​ It's possible other mail services do this sort of thing as well, so as long as you're able to receive others'​ posts, check with your mail provider to make sure they'​re not storing messages someplace unexpected.
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