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 +**Can the archive be disabled or protected?​**
 +The archiving of a list can't be disabled. ​ Please read about our mission and purpose and try to understand that your archives are important to the community. ​ They aren't a privacy risk -- we obfuscate all email addresses to circumvent the SPAMmer-crawling-the-site problem.
 +If you feel that the information your subscribers post on the list shouldn'​t be publicly available in the archives, please consider the following:
 +  * Email isn't by itself a secure medium. ​ Should you be using email at all for these things?
 +  * Anonymity can certainly be important, but this has nothing to do with archived emails.  ​
 +  * If you wish to keep information private, perhaps FreeLists isn't the best fit for your group?
 +While we used to offer a means of setting a password on archives, this feature is now disabled as it was being used too widely. ​ Keep in mind that FreeLists can't survive without open, free access.
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