Welcome to the XyWrite Discussion Group

Welcome to the XyWrite Discussion Group A Mailing List for Users of the XyWrite Word Processor

The XyWrite Discussion Group, hosted by FreeLists.org, promotes the exchange of information and technical advice among users at all levels of experience. Although most problems were resolved long ago, we continue to work on, and talk about, adapting XyWrite to modern operating systems, making it interoperable with browsers, email clients and other apps, and exploring its endless potential for customization, especially by means of the versatile XyWrite Programming Language (XPL). This group is a continuation of the mailing list hosted for many years at the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania. We are not affiliated with that institution, or with the present or past owners of XyWrite.

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There is a searchable archive of list messages since the move to FreeLists.org, in June 2009. To search for earlier posts use: XySearch

Thanks to the heroic labors of Robert Holmgren, it is possible to search the XyWrite message archives using keywords or Boolean searches. The archives are complete from 1994 onward, and include a selection of earlier messages, going back to 1991, from the XyQuest Information Line, Henry Kisor's Word Processing BBS, and CompuServe (CIS). Anyone who might possess a cache of old messages from the XyQuest BBS, CIS, RIME, Wicked Scherzo, or the Word Processing BBS, bearing on either XyWrite or Nota Bene, is encouraged to write Robert directly. We'd love to fill in gaps from 1989-1994. XySearch is a service of XyWWWeb (http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb).

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