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Each issue will focus on one select tip or subject.  Many of the tips will be cleaned up tips  from the archives of our support group (see Notes below) starting from November 2000.   If you have a tip or trick you would like to have considered for inclusion, send it to  If you also have an  interest in the Windows Registry, you may also want to subscribe to my Registry Answers.



There are two versions of Wintips&Tricks which originated in November 2000.

1. The newsletter tips only version described here.

2. The original  yahoo support version for help with computer problems which you can join here.

Wintips&Tricks is owned and moderated by Vic Ferri who also runs Registry Answers, a free newsletter that
answers Windows registry related questions, and a magazine dealership where you can subscribe to the top rated
computer magazines  at reduced rates. Besides his support group, newsletters and magazines, he also writes for
ABC and TechTrax, and is developer of Lock&Hide , Powerpoint to EXE  and *Concentration, a personalized memory

* requires MS Java Virtual Machine
or Sun Java