STCJobsBA Announcements List

STCJobsBA is a mailing list for job announcements. It has existed since 1996, when we migrated from a job leads distribution process based on a telephone answering machine.

The list is jointly sponsored by the Berkeley, East Bay, and San Francisco chapters of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

If you have jobs to announce, please continue to send them to We will review them for completeness and format and edit them as needed to adhere to the style and policies of our list.

This list is free and is managed by volunteers. Anyone may subscribe. Periodic postings to this list announce the availability of jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area in technical writing, editing, graphic arts, desktop publishing, and other areas of technical communication.

This list is not a placement service. STC cannot guarantee the accuracy of any posting. Users of this service are responsible for confirming the accuracy of any information contained in postings to this list.

If you or your company benefit financially from using this service, your voluntary donation to the Society for Technical Communication will help the Bay Area chapters maintain and improve it. Please send donations to:

ATTN: Treasurer, Jobs Listserver Project
Society for Technical Communication
2919 Forest Av
Berkeley, CA 94705-1310

The Society for Technical Communication is a not-for-profit scientific, educational, and charitable organization in the IRS category 501(c)(3). Please consult your tax preparer for advice about deductibility of donations to STC.