Welcome to SSR's Fridays on the Porch (FOTP)!


2011 FOTP Calendar:

May is full (thank you!) and unless folks feel strongly otherwise, let's have summer FOTP's at the North Pool (except for the Mahar's "mid-summer" FOTP on 7/15). Your thoughts & suggestions are always welcome!

5/27: Will & Jen Crown, 104 Cliffcreek (Memorial Day weekend--ALL pools open on Sat 5/28)

7/15: Dan & Melissa Mahar, 508 Chrismill, 724-7522

Please check your calendar and email Kristen at kpstocking@gmail.com to grab a date to Host!

A few reminders & tips:

o Hosts DO NOT prep anything!

o Fridays, 5:30-8:30pm. Weather-permitting.

o No RSVP's required.

o BYOB, bikes, chairs, etc.

o Bring flashlights & blankets

o If you would like to HOST, please email me at kpstocking@gmail.com and I will be glad to add you to the calendar!

o NEW USERS can subscribe to our FOTP list by sending email to ssr_porchfridays-request@freelists.org with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
OR by visiting our list page at //www.freelists.org/list/ssr_porchfridays.



Past Hosts--(THANK YOU!):

Matt & Kristen Stocking, 209 Flint Point
Tim & Kathleen McMahon, 116 Cliffcreek
Jon & Karen Beavers, 349 Chrismill
Bryce & Jen Gartner, 1101 Crossway
Will & Jen Crown, 104 Cliffcreek
Richard & Anne Wayne Prosser, 1109 Crossway

Robert & Rhonda Hurlbert, 105 Midden, 552-7799
Dan & Leena Doret, 409 Chrismill, 285-4697
Josh & Tina Krasner, 116 Creekvista, 557-1510
Matt & Kristen Stocking, 209 Flint Point
Kurt & Ann Seldon, 401 Chrismill, 552-5053
Bill & Joan Timberlake, 120 Flint Point, 285-3174
Bryce & Jen Gartner, 1101 Crossway