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Jaded, jaundiced, wearied by the Web? Have you been surfing for years and now find you're suffering from ennui?

Or are you just starting out and find you're simply overwhelmed by the more than two billion pages catalogued by one of the major search engines?

Then Site of the Day is exactly what you need. Let Site of the Day whisk you to one superb site each weekday.

Explore the Cosmos!

We Go Everywhere . . .

Discover what's new in space exploration. Get an astronomer's view of the heavens. Find out why "light pollution" has provoked scientists' ire. These are but a few of the topics which have come under the purview of the Site of the Day members.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Photo Courtesy of NASA

Have Fun!

polar bears

In Our Journeys Round the Web

View what's happening on our own horizons. Take note of the useful. See a range of consumer oriented sites. From Antarctic expeditions to political lampoons Site of the Day presents the best. We go everywhere and have fun doing it!

The Polar Bear Fan Club
Photo Courtesy of USA TODAY


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