PythonVis is a virtual community established to help visually impaired and blind computer users, people with other disabilities, and people without disabilities to learn the Python Programming language. No prior programming experience is required, but we will not hold it against you if you have some. We will all be responsible for our own learning, but we'll be collaborating and helping each other along as we go. We encourage you to share our page with anyone you think might be interested in our group.

Our primary channel of communication is the PythonVis email list hosted on We also have a WhatsApp group.

You can subscribe to PythonVis by sending an email to, with "Subscribe" in the Subject field.

You can access list archives at, where you will find some very nice python content.

Out-of-Sight Learn Python Programming Meetings

We use a Talking Communities chat client on for our virtual meetings, discussing concepts, working out problems, sharing ideas, and building community. This site requires that you register first as a member, but signing up is easy, only takes a day or so, and is free. We encourage you to join Out-Of-Sight and attend our online meetings on Mondays at 2:00 PM, or Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern. NOTE: In mid-May, 2015, we were given a dedicated room on, so rather than meeting in the Learning Center, as we did before, we are now meeting in the Learn Python Programming room. Recordings of our meetings can be heard by pressing f6 from within the room and choosing the link for the date you wish to hear.

Getting Python for Your Computer

Python is an open source language you can download free of charge from Version 3 is now the preferred version of Python. Version 2 is being phased out.

Recommended Text Editor: EdSharp

Although it is possible to code Python using a simple text editor like Notepad, many people prefer enhanced editors. For Windows, we can recommend the EdSharp editor by Jamal Mazrui from his GitHub repository. .

Use your screen reader's find command to search for "Edsetup".

We are working on identifying the best text editor for the Mac platform.

A Beginning Programming Tutorial

Python Learning Resources

Here are some Python learning resources our members have found helpful.

We invite you to share any Python resources you feel are helpful, especially to the visually-impaired or blind Python learner.

Contact Us

Contact the list owners for help, if you need it, or if you have any concerns about the list.