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Members click here to Log In to Freelists Unsolicited Testimonial Another excellent source of online help is the PC Helper's email group -join at http://www.modecideas.com/discuss.htm. When you have a problem, email the list with full details, and with any luck someone will email the list back with help. There are many members of all levels on this free list, and all are willing to lend a hand. That appeared in THE PRESS on October 3 2002 C5 article by Robin Marshall I just love the people here on this list! They are so unselfishly helpful and knowledgeable. With a pool of experts here, we can be sure to find an answer to our technical questions. All of us here have our own area of expertise and so when one can't answer a query, someone else here will be able to. And I've found this to be the case. I, for one love to throw in my two cents worth whenever I can. I enjoy doing that knowing if I'd helped someone solve a problem, I've made a friend. In fact that's part of my job too. I'm an online e-training tutor and doing almost exactly the same that I'm doing on the PCHelper list. Except the questions at work are more related to certification courses. Besides I've learned heaps from the other members too. No one can know everything and we all learn from one another. In fact I've saved some really good tips posted to the list, in a special folder called "Tips"! This is better than calling Microsoft tech support and paying through your nose for the same advice we can get here for free! Thanks John, for a great list! Regards Tonia "Home" "Home"border="0" Common questions to help you: How to ask questions What's this over quoting rule about on PC-Helpers? How to change the subject on PC-Helpers? List conduct on PC-Helpers? Inventive ideas for real star trek technologies <!--WEBBOT bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan ALT="Site Meter" --> "See <!--WEBBOT bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --> <!-- cuff --> Link to us! We invite your questions and comments. Feel free to enter them in the box below. Take our mini poll!

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