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Promoting awareness is the first step to preservation.

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A number of Louisiana cemeteries do not appear on the USGS maps and are unknown, abandoned, or endangered. This list and wiki is to organize and support the historical significance of Louisiana cemeteries and Louisiana cemetery preservation as well as make others aware of an unknown cemetery. Those interested in this list may be genealogists, historians, society members, parish government, churches or community members, those familiar with using remote sensing equipment and GPS in locating cemeteries. Contact Form  See the wiki for more information. ; ;(In order to identify cemeteries to USGS for inclusion, GIS coordinates must be given.)

Other online resources:

Louisiana State History Preservation Officer at the National Park Service
Mrs. Laurel Wykcoff ;email: hp@crt.state.la.us
Local CLG Coordinator
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RootsWeb Mailing List - Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
Wikispaces - Louisiana Cemetery Preservation - A Public Wiki - See Home Page for List of Discussions
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The Veterans Administration has a Pre WWI Tombstone applications.
See also the local Louisiana DAR

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