J a v a - O p e n - J o u r n a l  
The Idea
Java Open Journal is a peer-reviewed journal, sorely devoted on Java technology. The journal was created and is moderated/published by Themba Mbatha, a java developer. 

Subscribers are envited to also contribute their own experiences and know-how with any Java issue. All contributions will be most welcomed. Contributors who make meaningful contributions will be elevated to moderators, effectively becoming editors of sections of the newsletter.

Aim and Scope
Java Open Journal publishes original and insightful articles/papers/tips/etc. on any Java related topic. It is expected of the content published to:
  • To follow and report on current trends on Java technology.
  • Share experiences with particular Java technologies and standards.
  • Review research and developement of Java impact on the Internet, e-commerce and business.
  • Share tips and tricks on specific problems and issues.
  • Expose implications of particular programming patterns and methodologies

The Process
The flow of an item/contribution from author to publishing is as follows:
  • The author (always a subscriber) sends their article/tip/paper/etc. to the mailing list (javaopenjournal@freelist.org).
  • Since the list is moderated, the reviewers will receive the submission.
  • The submitted item is then categorised and edited if it is to be published.
  • The revised submission is reviewed and accepted for publication.
  • A proof version of an upcoming issue is prepared; the editorial review the contents and make corrections as necessary.
  • The issue is released on the last Monday of every month.

The Format
Java Open Journal is published and distributed in email format to a subscriber base. The newsletter is compiled and formated into HTML before it sent out every month.
Manuscripts can be sent as plain ASCII text, word processed text (M$Word2000 or StarOffice5.2) , PDF or HTML.

Priority will be given to papers with practical content, particularly technical notes and observations on specific Java technologies with an emphasys on real-world problems. 

Please examine back issues of the newsletter to ensure that your contribution has not been submitted previuosly. If indeed it has, try to make updates/revisions/commentary on what has been published.

How to submit
Send an email with whatever submission you wish to contribute to the mailing list (javaopenjournal@freelist.org).

Users can subscribe to the list by sending email to javaopenjournal-request@freelists.org with 'subscribe' in the Subject field OR by logging into the Web interface.

Users can unsubscribe from your list by sending email to javaopenjournal-request@freelists.org with 'unsubscribe' in the Subject field OR by logging into the Web interface.

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