An e-list for Indo-Pakistani Sign Language users and researchers in south Asia and elsewhere


This list is a forum for users, scholars and activists interested in issues related to the Indo-Pakistani Sign Language and Deaf Studies in south Asia in particular. More specifically the list is dedicated to discussions that lead to the betterment of the use of technology for the Deaf in south Asia through discussions that impact policy decisions. The list shares the perspective that the main problem faced by people viewed as disabled, or with disabilities, stems from disabling environmental, economic and cultural barriers. Disability therefore is an equal rights issues on a par with other forms of unjustifiable discrimination and prejudices. We share in the mission of promoting equality in every sphere of life.

We invite discussions on any issue to do with IPSL, news reports, event notification, use of technology for the Deaf, research on Deaf Studies, etc., from subscribers. One of the aims of this list is to act as a repository of information related to Deaf issues that are particularly relevant to south Asia. It is hoped that in the future, the list archive will add to the valuable material for research on disability issues in general and Deaf Studies in particular.

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Mission Statement

Promoting equality in every sphere of life


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