Welcome. A group email system has been established for aviation enthusiast to communicate as a group to share information. This effort started as a means for pilots in Southeast Kansas to communicate their weekend flying plans. Its use is not restricted to SEK Pilots and can be used by anyone. However, it will be most practical for those within 200 miles or so of SEK, depending on the speed of your aircraft.

It's more fun to fly somewhere for a meal or event if you know other friends will be there too. It's even more fun to go places as a flight of two or more. The "FlightPlans" group email will facilitate the coordination of fun.

To join the group email, send an email to: flightplans-request@freelists.org with 'subscribe' in the Subject field.

To Post, send an email to: flightplans@freelists.org


1. Always be polite. If a posting irritates you, don't respond.

2. If posting about an upcoming event, always include a contact phone or email for the event sponsor. No one likes showing up at a cancelled event.

3. Feel free to use this group email system to justify an opportunity to go fly.