The year is 2076. On September 1 at 1200 the Paladin departed from Nexus Star Base on Earth in route to Alton 5, a research facility located 336 hours outside of the Earth's atmosphere. The journey was a routine one---one that had been made many times in the past. Captain Harris, his crew and a compartment filled with civilians and scientists enjoyed cryosleep while they traveled between systems. Forty hours into their journey something went wrong. The ship jolted and a high pitched screech pierced the still air.

The Captain's sleeping chamber flashed red and he was stirred from his sleep. The latch of his tube opened and he fell down onto the hard floor of the ship. Sirens continued to blare as he picked himself up and rushed to the bridge to figure out what was happening.

The readings were all over the place and their location was currently unknown. There was damage to compartment four. That was cargo. Gravity levels were increasing. The ship's air storage was decreasing rapidly...and by the second they were plummeting downward. The ship's monitors warned of impending impact. With what? They weren't near any planet...were they? They were! Harris did what he could to prepare for their crash landing. He called for aid, but no one answered. He flitted through all of his tactical training, but nothing worked. The ship was too badly damaged.

They were on their own.

Cryosleep was a god send at that moment. Every passenger rested silently, completely unaware that they were falling to their deaths. The Gods were at their side as they descended to a planet completely encroached in darkness. Harris caught a glimpse of the sun's rays on the horizon before the ship was engulfed by dark clouds.

That was the last thing he remembered before he woke up.