Brainwave Entrainment Research Updates

This is for those who are interested to improve their lives with the help of the latest technology in brainwave entrainment.

What is brainwave entrainment?

When your brain functions at its best, you live at your best. Your brain functions at its best when its major brainwaves vibrate within a specific range for a particular purpose. For peak performance in activities that require alertness, it is well that your brainwaves be within 30 to 40 hertz. For hypnosis purposes, you are most suggestible at 10 hertz and below.

If you can't get yourself at will in these ranges of braiwave activity, brainwave entrainment technology is here to help you out. By merely listening for a few minutes to specially crafted sound/music, you easily drift towards your intended state of mind for maximum efficiency.

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