Welcome to Triad Tech Talk

Welcome To Triad Tech Talk

The Fastest, Easiest, and Cheapest (free) way to get answers to all of your computer questions! Have you ever wished that you knew someone that you could ask about computers,software, hardware, the "net"? Well, now you do, 24 hours a day seven days a week and FREE!

Triad Tech Talk is a mailing list designed with you in mind. The average computer user. This is where you can ask questions, help someone else, and discuss anything involving the computer or the internet. A place to learn more about them, how they work, and more importantly, how to make them work for you, from others like yourself. A place to ask and answer questions, and share your experiences....both good and bad! Just downloaded a great new program? This is your opportunity to share that information with others of similar interest. Know of a great site for homework help? Share it with the list. Need help with email? Just ask, and someone will explain it for you. Find out where to get the best deals, how to install your new sound card, get tips, tricks, and even ask for help in finding something on the web. All things computer can be asked, answered, and discussed in this forum. After you have subscribed to the list, (instructions below) simply send your question(s) via email to triadtechtalk@freelists.org
As with every private list, we have a small set of simple rules:
To join Triad Tech Talk and begin learning, as well as helping others in our quest to conquer the ever changing world of computing, simply enter your email address here. Enter your email address: Subscribe Unsubscribe Turn Digest mode on Turn Digest mode off Turn Vacation mode on Turn Vacation mode off Upon receipt of your confirmation, you can begin posting to the group. We hope you find us helpful, and look forward to your participation in this fun and informative group!