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Subject: Posredovano: Confirmed Speakers at The ESCMID Conference

Prosim, da posredujete obvestilo članom po e-pošti.

Lep pozdrav,

From: "2nd ESCMID Conference on the Impact of Vaccines on Public Health" <2nd_ESCMID_Conference_on_the_Imp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Confirmed Speakers at The ESCMID Conference
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 13:05:11 +0000

http://cts.vresp.com/c/?KenesInternationalUK/97598b815c/c8569c34da/51aefb7b75/ref3=db1 This message is also available online - click here

http://cts.vresp.com/c/?KenesInternationalUK/97598b815c/c8569c34da/88edf745b1 - http://cts.vresp.com/c/?KenesInternationalUK/97598b815c/c8569c34da/8e04426908 -

Still time to save, secure your place today!

2nd ESCMID Conference on the Impact of Vaccines on Public  Health

Confirmed speakers

The conference will bring together  specialists and physicians in
training in infectious diseases, clinical microbiology,  hygiene,
public health, vaccinology and other disciplines dealing with all
aspects of vaccination.

The rich and broad set of  topics that will be debated and discussed
by world experts include:

Zsuzsanna Jakab

The role of WHO-Europe               Piotr Kramarz

The role of ECDC                                           Sergio

Hepatitis C vaccines:
myth or reality?

Stefano Aliberti

Role of vaccines in preventing pneumococcal  diseases

Fabienne Anjuere

Novel subject delivery vaccine technologies

Patricia Blank

Influenza immunisation in elderly

Paolo Bonanni

Lifelong vaccination as a key disease-prevention  strategy

Robb Butler

Contrasting the anti-vaccine movements

Paloma Carrillo

Chickenpox vaccination: a laboured take off

Joe Cohen

The  status of malaria vaccine research and development: results from
the phase 3  trial of the RTS,S candidate

Ron Dagan

Vaccines to constrain antimicrobial resistance

Katrin Dubischar-Kastner

Japanese Encephalitis vaccines

Giovanni Delogu

New vaccines against tuberculosis

Susanna Esposito

Multivalent paediatric vaccines

Bernard Fritzell

Pneumococcal vaccination in the EU: current status  and perspectives

Paul Heath

The potential role of GBS vaccination: overall  value and the hurdles
of prenatal programmes

Franz X. Heinz

Tick-borne encephalitis and its prevention by  vaccination

Suresh Jadhav

Emerging economies from consumers to new donor  countries

Kari Johansen

The possible evolution of paediatric influenza  vaccination in Europe

Elmar Joura

Next-generation HPV vaccines: challenges and  perspective

Karen Kotloff

New and candidate vaccines for gastrointestinal  infections

Pavla Krizova

Pneumococcal vaccination: do we need a new implementation strategy?

Pierluigi Lopalco

Actual immunisation coverage throughout Europe: are  existing data
sufficient?               Mark Muscat

Eliminating rubella and preventing congenital  rubella syndrome in

Ragnar Norrby

Tetravalent Dengue vaccine – from research to phase  III

Albert Osterhaus

Flu vaccination facing flu virus mutability

Dina Pfeifer

Measles elimination and the interruption of  indigenous transmission

Mariagrazia Pizza

Innovative strategies for meningococcal vaccines

Maarten J. Postma

Pertussis boostering in adults

Richard A. Proctor

A vaccine for Staphylococcus aureus?

Rino Rappuoli

From genomics to structural vaccinology

Gernot Rohde

Pneumococcal infection in adults: burden of disease

Connie S. Schmaljohn

Recombinant DNA-derived vaccines for VHF

Margaret Stanley

Implementing HPV vaccination: where do we stand  now?

Christoph Steininger

CMV vaccine: phase II trial results

Pierre Van Damme

Hepatitis B vaccination in Western European  countries

Timo Vesikari

Norovirus vaccine: first results

Ning-Shao Xia

Hepatitis E vaccines: phase II and phase III trials

Access  the full scientific programme details here -

Register now    -

The  -
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?KenesInternationalUK/97598b815c/c8569c34da/245f6743cb 2nd ESCMID Conference on the Impact of Vaccines on Public Health is
your opportunity to participate in an important gathering that will
bring  together world-leading experts to debate the various
correlations between  vaccines and infectious diseases in the 21st

*Fees  include scientific sessions, printed conference material,
lunches and coffee  breaks.

Download  the registration form here -

Discover the beautiful city of Prague  -
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?KenesInternationalUK/97598b815c/c8569c34da/20f3422365 -

The 2nd  ESCMID Conference is being held in Prague, Czech  Republic.
Prague is the city of bridges and  boasts more than ten major
museums, along with numerous theatres, galleries,  cinemas, and other
historical exhibits. A modern public transportation system  connects
the city.

Renowned for its central role in the history  of Europe, Prague
claims scores of important individuals who have paid their  tribute
to this majestic city. Its beauty and imposing architecture have
enchanted the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, Apollinaire, Tchaikovsky,
Dostojevski  and Rodin and Kokoschka as well as Queen Elizabeth II,
Pope  John Paul II and many others.

Prague’s uniqueness gives the city a grand  and mysterious
atmosphere that is simultaneously intimate and inviting. What a great
city to stage a conference!

The Conference is supported by:

Scientific Secretariat
Giuseppe Cornaglia
Dept. of Pathology and Diagnostics
University of Verona
Phone +39 045 802 71 96
Fax +39 045 802 71 01
E-mail:  - giuseppe.cornaglia@xxxxxxxx giuseppe.cornaglia@xxxxxxxx
                      Conference Secretariat
Marco Moschin
Via Lorenzo Marcello 32
30126 Lido di Venezia Italy
Phone +39 041 52 62 530
Fax +39 041 52 71 129  - ico@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%20
E-mail: ico@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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