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Questo preso dal Readme di Taper:

When TAPER starts, it automatically checks for a SoundBlaster compatible sound
card unless Windows NT was detected. As some soundcards crash on detection
functions, TAPER will use the environment variable `BLASTER' for its values.
Only the 8-bit functionality of the soundcard is used, so the following parts
must be provided:

 Axxx - base Address      (xxx usually 220)
 Ix   - IRQ line          (x usually 5)
 Dx   - 8-bit DMA channel (x usally 1)

If this environment variable is not found, or either one of the above 3 parts
is missing, detection fails.  Otherwise, a short test is done to see if the
soundcard responds to requests at the base address.
You can see whether the card was detected succesfully by pressing the `SysInfo'
TAPER cannot handle IRQ values above 7 (Windows 95 tends to like IRQ 10 very
much). Try setting it to 5 in such cases.
The 8-bit DMA stream should not be 0, as this value causes problems with a lot
of motherboards.
Notice that not all SoundBlaster (compatible) models can handle all frequencies.
The following table lists the frequency ranges:

   Model                    Frequency range (Hz)

   SoundBlaster 2.x         4000-15151
   SoundBlaster Pro         4000-45454
   SoundBlaster 16          4000-45454
   SoundBlaster (AWE)32/64  5000-45454

If you find that the sound output is not loud enough for your Spectrum, use one
of the following options:

1. Use the menu option `Sound volume' to adjust the mixer values,
2. Put an amplifier between the SoundBlaster OUT and the Spectrum EAR (don't set
  it too loud, or you will blow up your Spectrum!), or
3. First record the sound to a cassette tape and play that tape into your
  Spectrum afterward.

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Sì, ma non è che non funzioni. L'opzione Sampler (così come tutte le altre che implicano l'uso della scheda audio) è in grigino (disattivata).
Quindi per Taper non ho alcuna scheda audio installata.

Però, più che un problema di IRQ & co., credo sia un problema di standard/drivers audio, che in Win XP non hanno più la compatibilità con le vecchie applicazioni DOS. Però sono *sicuro* al 100% dell'esistenza di un driver che risolve la cosa per Win 2000/XP. Era un nome tipo NTaudio... ATsound, WPsound.... mah!

Viene usato da quegli appassionati di abandonware per sentire l'audio dei vecchi giochi sulle loro nuove piattaforme Windows 2000/XP ecc.

provo a googlare un po',

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