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  • From: Luca Alimandi <luca.alimandi62@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 03:09:29 +0200

Il 15/09/2016 08:14, RWAP Software ha scritto:


Sorry to hear about this - the latest membranes should last at least 10 years under normal use.

That said - I just checked my customer database, and you have not bought any from me (I am the UK supplier you mentioned).

There are also several different producers of keyboard membranes:
Sintech (Germany) - they have been selling membranes made in the Czech republic for approx 10 years

Unknown Polish Supplier - produced cheaper membranes themselves and sold them through ebay for a year or so (there was some very poor feedback).

RWAP Software (UK - me) - originally we joined forces with Sintech, but to ensure we had more control over production and quality, we switched to using a UK (Scottish) manufacturer about 5 yeara ago. The latest Spectrum+ membranes produced in 2016 take account of various changes made by Samsung on their Spectrum+ units (which seem much more robust even after all this time and give a more responsive feel).

Djordje Mitic in China - started producing membranes in 2016 at a reduced price. No idea what they are like.

There are also the mechanical replacements made by Pokemon and sold through SellMyRetro.com which are much more expensive than a membrane, but should last a lifetime.

Rich Mellor
RWAP Software

Hallo Rich.
I bought from RWAP two 48k membranes about one year ago. I'm very happy with them! :-)
I also need (urgently) a membrane for the 128k Plus 2 (the grey one), but Unfortunately at that time it was not available.
Is it now?
Thank you very much



|_ /-\

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