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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 10:57:00 +0100

Il 19/01/2016 01:07, Massimo Raffaele ha scritto:

Probabilmente ha letto le sceneggiature, ha capito l'andazzo e si è
rifiutato di farne parte...

Sembra che il motivo non sia stato quello:

Q. What was the reason you did not sign up for the second season? Was it was your decision or that of the studio?

A. It was a combination of both. As many viewers will know, they took on another producer for the second series, a chap called Freddie Freiberger, whom I knew of slightly because he'd been one of the producers of the original Star Trek series. As you gather, I had not been immensely excited by the quality of the scripts in the first series, partly because of the poor chaps, Johnny Byrne and Chris Penfold, were trying to do the writing and trying to get ahead of the shooting. When the first series came to an end, I thought about what was likely to be happening in the future--I knew this chap Freddy Freiberger was coming aboard, so I wasn't too hopeful about the prospects of it all. I remember going to the Andersons and with my usual wickedness said to them, "Look, I do wish you every kind of success and I thank you for the year and a quarter, but if it's all the same to you I'd like to go and play with the grownups for awhile." That was my parting jab, as it were, as far they were concerned.


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