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  • Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 21:17:07 +0100

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Messaggio da Ales Jurica



my name is Ales Jurica, I come from Slovakia and right now i am in Itally for 
about a month. I am ZX Spectrum user, I am active on demoscene and around 
Spectrum at all (http://zeroteam.sk and http://forever.zeroteam.sk).

right now i am in Bologna, where I work. as I have free weekends, I was 
thinking if it is possible to meet some Spectrum related people here, just to 
have a talk about the scene here, about Spectrum and so. are you interested? i 
can travell (although my Italian speaking is more then just ugly...), I don\'t 
expect that someone live here in Bologna (but if yes, then it can be a nice 

You can reply to: ellvis@xxxxxxxx, if you\'re interested, if not, you can reply 
anyway. This was just my thoughts, I think this can be a bit more usefull spent 
time for me then just sitting in flat here and watch 4 walls.

I wish you to have a nice time!

Ales Jurica

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