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  • Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 20:37:32 +0000

Hi Ben, it does appear that the firmware change in the hungary version may
have improved the wifi sleep, but it appears to be the Qualcom firmware that
has changed it rather than Android or the Atheros drivers used by it.
Maybe AMSS.MBN, QCSBL.MBN etc which have all changed, if this is true then
this fixes the one major flaw with the blade, but this firmware isn't rolled
out as standard so I don't know how anyone else would be able to get it.
Could someone look into the release notes that came with the Qualcom chipset
firmware to confirm if there is a definate change and what it is so that it
can be considered for rollout to other blade users please?
2010/12/30 <ying.ben@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Rob, as i know. if one bug were fixed in one version of the firmware
> ,that means it would be fixed in other firmware. The firmware of San
> froncisco is upgrating everyday, but i don't know
> if it would be or be not published.
> That's all.
> At last, happy new year everyone!
> Best regards.
> You can call me Ben.
> -
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> [ztebladeopensource] Wifi sleep fix in Hungarian update?
> Hi Benny, it has been suggested that the fix that has been applied by
> tmobile hungary to resolve the missing memory issue has also fixed the wifi
> sleep policy issue (ie setting wifi sleep policy to Never actually works!).
>  Can you confirm if  there is defiantly a fix for this included in the
> hungary update and if this fix can be made available to other markets too?
> Thanks
> Rob
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