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  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 09:59:17 +0000

Hi Ben, no the touchscreen source is part of the kernel source so it's covered 
by the same GPL license it even says so at the top of the file that was 
released, it seems that ZTE have somehow released the wrong version though. 
As for the LED, I wonder if you are missing something?  The Orange Sanfrancisco 
has 3buttons at the bottom of the screen, Home, Menu and Back.  The Backip 
button is the LED, it lights up when notifications etc come in, maybe you 
didn't realise it's the button itself that lights up?

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Subject: [ztebladeopensource] 答复: [ztebladeopensource] Touchscreen driver
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Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 17:40:47 +0800

Hi rob, 

I have forwarded "the touchscreen driver source" issue to the developers. 

They were evaluating this issue several times. 

I thought it maybe touch upon copyright matter? 

Best regards.

Ben Ying
Smartphone System Department 
ZTE Corporation

Robert Morgan <robertmorgan@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
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2010-11-20 03:31 

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[ztebladeopensource] Touchscreen driver

I have just added Krister to the list, he has been working on getting the 
touchscreen driver working in the kernel source ZTE released and sent the 
following question, can you please look into it?  Can you ask jiweijun for the 
touchscreen driver source?

The Hungarian blade ROM uses a kernel that was compiled on the 26th of october 
and that kernel has pinch-zoom in the browser app. That means that they DO have 
the real kernel source but haven't shared the real thing with us.  Maybe the 
files in arch/arm/mach-msm/* are correct but stuff that are outside that 
directory like the battery driver and the touchscreen driver is not from the 
blade source they use. I did have to change a file in arch/arm/mach_msm/ to fix 
the powerbutton thing though but that could also have been done by modifying a 
.h file that lives somewhere in include/linux/.

"Linux version 2.6.29 (jiweijun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) (gcc version 4.4.0 (GCC) 
) #1 PREEMPT Tue Oct 26 16:39:50 CST 2010"

I'm sure the person with the username jiweijun knows where the real source is.

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