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  • From: József Király <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:01:11 +0100

Hello Ben,

Yes I know the specs, and while it is a really good phone, sadly I see no
real improvements what would make me to sell my Blade with what I'm totally
satisfied :)
The biggest drawback of the phone is it's CPU: for most users, ARMv6 isn't
enough, and there are more and more people who reads into this stuff, and
then decides to spend a few more bucks and get another phone. It's just a
suggestion, but make some higher spec phones too. Now that we already have
a commercially available quad-core technology, and the next generation is
already in the making, these 'old' single core CPUs are getting cheaper and
cheaper. I know you're not in charge of the guys who decide what to put
into the shell, but you might know the guy, and spread the word. If you
want, I can make you some design sketches with specifications, as I've been
conducting a few researches on the topic of "Smartphone requirements of the
people of the streets", and now I have a pretty good picture about what is
needed, what would make a device sell good for a given age range, etc., and
I can provide this information to you too.

About the Crescent: great little phone. Many will buy it, just like the
blade, because it's a budget phone and relatively to it's price, it has
good specifications. But these specs aren't enough to reply break into the
market and have really a bigger user range. I would suggest you to drop a
high-end zte together, optimize it to hell, maybe even make it an
unlockable bootloader one, set the price a bit higher than your current
phones, smash in a Snapdragon CPU (dual or single core, I see that you
prefer Qualcomm chips), or even better, an Exynos, boost the RAM a bit,
maybe IPS screen and a bit pricier body (not a cheap plastic but something
more of a quality), and you can cover the whole market. I know, the current
hi-end is ruled by Samsung and HTC, but a cheap competitor would draw a lot
of people to you.

Also I am surprised by the fast reaction of you sw development, they were
always so slow when it came to publishing source code :D it's a very
positive change!

2011.11.25. 2:45, <ying.ben@xxxxxxxxxx> ezt írta:

> Hi fonix,
> We are preparing the code now. It may take sometime.
> I think i will finish the uploading work in the next week.
> And i think you can take a look at the new ZTE device. The thickness of
> the device is just only 10mm.
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> [ztebladeopensource] Re: Orange San Francisco II / ZTE Crescent
> The Crescent and the OSF II is the same P736B device, so yes, basically,
> it's a rebranded Crescent.
> If the usual ZTE methods and times are still live, we will get the source
> code in roughly a month or so. Although we are still waiting for the latest
> 2.3 kernel sources for the Blade...
> 2011/11/24 Sebastian Robinson 
> <*sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx*<sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> ZTE Crescent
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