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Thanks Ben, since ZTE are ISO9001 accredited, perhaps release of such source 
code should be included in your company procedures/Work Instructions for 
Android devices so that it always happens ?





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Hi All, 

We are here now. 

It must be a oversight of my work. 

I had pushed the message to my guys and we will upload all the code in two 

Best wishes,
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请答复 给





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If you don’t get anywhere with ZTE you could always try Google, since ZTE are a 
recognised Android partner Google should know who to connect with in order to 
get them to honour their obligations, that’s how I first made contact regarding 
the OMC/Blade. 
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Based on previous experience, I would say they need time to remove 
"proprietary" bits, clean up the code, then release a useless piece of junk 
what you'll need to patch up to work. My two cents on this. 
2012/8/8 Morgan, Rob <Rob.Morgan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
<mailto:Rob.Morgan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > 
Good luck Seb, great to see more ZTE products on the market but a real shame to 
see they still haven’t managed to align their hardware and source releases to 
meet up with their license obligations after all this time. 
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Hi Guys

I'm not sure if ZTE are actively monitoring this mailing list any-more, but on 
the off chance..

I've noticed that both the ZTE KIS and ZTE Grand-X are now on sale on the UK, 
however I'm not able to find the source code on the ZTE support site..

Is there someone from ZTE who can help with this?


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