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  • From: József Király <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ztebladeopensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 09:57:54 +0100

If the RS232 overlay is connected somehow to the memory banks, then you can
call the content of it. It will be binary, so it will be needed to decode,
but still possible. Only problem is that you need the ZTE application for

The amount of RAM changes a bit. As I said, original B02 hungarian ROM shows
160,01MB (and all of the others, except B07(internalcode), what tells me
160,99MB) free RAM, and Froyo too. Haven't looked into Gingerbread too much!

2010/12/25 Tom Giordano <tomgiordano83@xxxxxxxxx>

> Does the amount of memory available change using different roms? What is
> the VMSPLIT when only 256MB is available? Changing the VMSPLIT to 3G causes
> half of the memory to disappear. Some users may have noticed that my
> gingerbread roms based on the SDK are missing RAM due to the 3G VMSPLIT
> used. With the AOSP based roms I switched back to 2G VMSPLIT.
> PS. I don't think the RS232 is much good for dumping anything (unless there
> is some way to get fastboot to generate dump). It is only really for
> debugging or interacting with rs232 devices (which it isn't very practical
> for due to the placement and connection method).
> 2010/12/25 József Király <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx>
> I would gladly try it!
>> But, one question. Should it work with any other ROMs? Could you please at
>> least make the boot.img for the Hungarian Hedgehog, as it is very similar to
>> the B07 ( it is built over B02)? That would be easier to bugfix.
>> But, if Roger's idea is right (a BIOS stuff not reading the secondary chip
>> in), then the force will do nothing sadly. Only if Tom G would be able to
>> get the proper images out through RS232... I guess, T-Mobile will flash the
>> new firmware through that!
>> BTW, I would like to know the official ZTE point. Does flashing
>> ClockWorkMod Recovery void the warranty or not?
>> Also, fonix232 here ;)
>> 2010/12/24 Krister <krister@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>  Hi József, kallt_kaffe here, I'm just guessing but if you have tried a
>>> dump from a new 512Mb Hungarian Blade it doesn't have to mean that it will
>>> automaticly fix the problem on the old phones. There is likely more than the
>>> linux kernel and the android build that could have an effect on this and the
>>> kernel(boot.img) and the android system (/system) is pretty much what we can
>>> dump. With my other Android phone, a Huawei U8100, official ROMs seems to
>>> contain more stuff, like firmwares. It's not unlikely that the fix needed is
>>> some kind of new firmware. Similar to replacing the BIOS in a PC, that kind
>>> of firmware.
>>> My OSF reports this at boot:
>>> <6>[    0.040498] Memory: 214MB 256MB = 470MB total
>>> <5>[    0.040531] Memory: 423680KB available (4872K code, 1038K data,
>>> 140K init)
>>> So it seems like there are two memory banks and my guess is that the
>>> 256Mb phones have a broken "BIOS" that reports only one bank to linux
>>> kernel.
>>> Now, I'm just guessing and speculating but it makes sense and I really
>>> hope that there is a software solution to the 256Mb problem. I suppose that
>>> it there also is a small chance that it could be possible to "force" the
>>> linux kernel into using more memory by adding "mem=470M" to the boot
>>> commmand line. I could create a custom boot.img for the Finnish Fillyjonk
>>> ROM if you are interested in trying.
>>> Best regards (and Merry Christmas)
>>>   kallt_kaffe (Krister)
>>> József Király skrev 2010-12-24 11:18:
>>> Well, T-Mobile already published the new shipments with the corrected
>>> firmware (it has Internal Build code TM_P729TV1.0.0B07).
>>> And also I got information from T-Mobile that it will be available on
>>> 29th December at their own service stations, but you, ZTE, have already
>>> published it on your site (maybe mis-information, or simply the T guy had
>>> access to the restricted areas). But, if the written firmware isn't the one
>>> you made, may I get a preview of it, just to see if it works? Because
>>> T-Mobile made fool of me many times (told me that phone got water damaged,
>>> thus no warranty, but the phone was just opened from the box, etc), and if
>>> there's a need, I wouldn't like to run circles, but go to consumer
>>> protection first. Of course, not against you, I can rarely find such a
>>> responsive company anywhere, who make such high-quality devices at such low
>>> price (I wonder now, why HTC Android phones with lower hardware than the
>>> Blade costs so much. Maybe that shiny "Quietly brilliant" logo?), but
>>> against T-Mobile, that they won't swap the device, and I'm sure if the
>>> firmware does not work, they will have a backup story why not to swap the
>>> phone in warranty...
>>>  I'm totally cool, I was upset when I got informed that T-Mobile got the
>>> new models with correct firmware (although I still can't see why the new
>>> firmware won't show me 414MB available RAM instead of the currently shown
>>> 160,99MB), and that they won't swap the device in case of:
>>> - RAM problems (the written 256MB instead of 512)
>>> - Screen gradient problems (the screen at some gradients turns to
>>> blue-ish)
>>> - Wifi drop problem.
>>> I had a feeling they are simply sh*tting on our head, and go for higher
>>> sales, not caring about customers who already bought it.
>>>  So, I got the new software from a new device's dump, tried it, it is a
>>> bit faster than the old one (although the build B02 was fast enough, tried
>>> it, even faster than a stock Galaxy S, now THAT'S what I call OS quality...
>>> and some people tells me the system isn't optimized enough...), and wifi bug
>>> is kinda fixed (no more won't connect to router, it reconnects in the moment
>>> I unlock the screen).
>>>  Any ways, thank you for your help, even at Christmas, and have a merry
>>> Christmas time!
>>> 2010/12/24 <ying.ben@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> Hi József:
>>>>         I'm so sorry to hear this information and i think you shall cool
>>>> down to have a good Christmas because we have finished the new version for
>>>> Hungarian T-mobile Blade and you may just wait a few days then you will get
>>>> upgrading to solve your problem. But we and T-mobile havn't published the
>>>> new version now, so can you tell me where you got the new software?
>>>>         Merry Chirstmas!
>>>> Best regards.
>>>> You can call me Ben.
>>>> -
>>>>   *József Király <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx>*
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>>>>  [ztebladeopensource] Problem with Hungarian shipments
>>>> Hi again!
>>>> I know you're busy with Christmas and the launch of the Japanese Blade,
>>>> but I would need a little info ASAP!
>>>> Yesterday, I got informed that the Hungarian Blade (what has only 256MB
>>>> RAM) is actually factory defect, as ZTE was to send the 512MB RAM version!
>>>> I've gone to T-Mobile Hungary, and they said that you and they are working
>>>> on the problem, and it will be fixed with a new software version. I've got
>>>> access to this new software, but it DID NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! I still got
>>>> 256MB RAM accessible, and while it seems a *bit* faster, no other changes.
>>>> I would like to know your official position on this case. Is it true
>>>> that the new firmware will fix it, or T-Mobile is trying to fool us 
>>>> (again)?
>>>> Thank you very much in advance:
>>>> fonix232
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