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  • From: rjm2k1 <rjm2k1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 09:15:47 +0000

Its qualcomm tools you need,  qpst is a free replacement but really if there
is an issue its upto the retailer to fix it.

On 25 Dec 2010 08:58, "József Király" <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If the RS232 overlay is connected somehow to the memory banks, then you can
call the content of it. It will be binary, so it will be needed to decode,
but still possible. Only problem is that you need the ZTE application for

The amount of RAM changes a bit. As I said, original B02 hungarian ROM shows
160,01MB (and all of the others, except B07(internalcode), what tells me
160,99MB) free RAM, and Froyo too. Haven't looked into Gingerbread too much!

2010/12/25 Tom Giordano <tomgiordano83@xxxxxxxxx>

> Does the amount of memory available change using different roms? What is
the VMSPLIT when only ...

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