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Dear rob,

We were so busy that maybe i delayed to reply your letter in these days.

Maybe you know our blade is so popular in europe that our project member 
were very busy.

They need to take their spare time to answers your questions.

Request your understanding.

Best regards.

Ben Ying
Smartphone System Department 
ZTE Corporation

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2010-11-18 21:05
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[ztebladeopensource] LED notification further info

I’ve investigated this a little more and wonder if you can say whether or 
not the V880 suffers from the same issue?
When I get a text message or missed call, the LED back button flashes once 
every 30 (I think) seconds to notify the user of the event.  Once the 
phone goes to sleep (screen goes off) the flashing stops so the user has 
no way of identifying that there was a missed call.  This does seem like a 
pretty serious flaw and it’s confusing a lot of people, I get around it 
by installing the flashnotify app from the market but it really shouldn’t 
be necessary.  Can you confirm if this is the same in 2.2 for the V880 at 
the moment, and whether it’s a hardware or software issue? 
What really should happen is that the LED continues to flash when the 
phone sleeps, if there is a hardware issue in that the LED will not work 
when the phone is in a full sleep then maybe only a “soft” sleep should 
occur when there is a notification?

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